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KISS THE GIRL A calypso version of a song from THE LITTLE MERMAID [3:38] 3:38
THE CELTIC TRIO [3:41] 3:41
AXEL F really rocks [2:54] 2:54
CAN CAN 2011 ensemble [1:54] 1:54
CLAVE African marimba music [1:37] 1:37
music by Irish harpist N/A
Cumberland reel N/A
Hewlets health N/A
Morgen Magen N/A
Morning Mood. Grieg Peer Gynt Suite 1994 ensemble N/A
SOUTH WIND 1994 ensemble N/A
Carolans Concerto N/A
POPCORN Hot Butter [2:49] 2:49
ABANDON. Music from the continent of AFRICA. N/A
AAAA Rondo alla Turca. The original. From a broadcast from the ABC... N/A
Rondo alla Turca. Mix and match two ensembles. N/A
1. Boogie for two 2009 ensemble. Is there much difference apart from drums? N/A
Jamaica Farewell. Bright and Breezy. N/A
ABBA medley. N/A
Bouree by Bach N/A
2 BOOGIE FOR TWO 2006 ensemble [2:50] 2:50
Nigun Atik. 2009 ensemble N/A
SOUTH WIND played by two girls and accompanied by adults on violin and guitar N/A
PLANXTY EWEN. solo by Ruby. N/A
The Entertainer. 2003 ensemble N/A
Ev'ry Day. 1992 ensemble N/A
Joshua fit de battle of jericho. 2005 ensemble N/A
7 Hall of the mountain King...2008 ensemble [1:39] 1:39
The Entertaimer.....Scott Joplin. [1:39] 1:39
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik N/A
Mamma Mia. N/A
Allegro to Spring.... Vivaldi N/A
Largo to Winter by Vivaldi N/A
9 The Teddy Bears' Picnic [2:32] 2:32
Anitra's Dance....Peer Gynt Suite. [3:15] 3:15
Raggedy Ragtime Rags. a 1900s rag N/A
Hungarian Dance no.5 played by a ten year old girl [2:45] 2:45
3 Lord of the Dance..2006 ensemble [3:09] 3:09
Rustic Reel and Rory O'Moore played by Kerry Meagher aged 11 1993. N/A
Spanish Fandango originally a guitar rag. Maryann again...aged 10 N/A
The Garyowen and Claypipe... Maryann Higginson... 1994. N/A
Greensleeves...variations on a theme..performed by Ruby 2003 aged 11 at time. N/A
Violin Concerto in G Maj played by Maryann Higginson, aged 10 in 1994. N/A
Rondo alla Turca by Mozart. performed by the 1994 "belles" N/A
Pink Panther By Henry Mancini N/A
Spring ... yet again. [3:14] 3:14
Original Rags by Scott Joplin.. played byMaryann aged 13 at time in 1996 N/A
Raggedy Ragtime Rags. The first version recorded: about 1994. N/A
Linstead Market. Traditional Jamaican tune; recorded in 1994 N/A
Sweet Georgia Brown. Arranged by a grade five girl. Her raw material... N/A
8 I will love you everytime. A beautiful rendition, by one of... [4:25] 4:25
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