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You Win But You Lose [4:27] 4:27
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Real To Me (Live on ELFM) [3:42] 3:42
A Superman [3:35] 3:35
Tears And Wine [3:30] 3:30


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ODi is an Irish singer song writing talent who performs regularly on both sides of the Irish Sea. ODi was raised on a diet of music, listening to and being inspired by the likes of Bruce Springsteen, David Gray, The Frames and PJ Harvey to mention but a few. After taking in the music of such songwriters and the influences of the world around her, ODi was driven to write her own songs. The results are stunning, her songs have already been described as "beautiful" "emotional" and "well crafted". Combine these songs with a unique and captivating voice (already likened to Suzanne Vega, Natalie Merchant and Beth Orton) and a bit of Irish charm you have a very exciting prospect for the very near future and years to come. ODi has already made an impact on both sides of the Irish Sea and further a field with her debut single "Crawl" released in April 2007. Her Debut was received with great reviews, radio plays and invitations to play live sessions from the likes of Alan Raw (BBC Raw Talent) and Edel Coffey (Phantom FM Dublin) soon followed. With word about ODi beginning to spread it wasn’t long before Ireland’s premier music magazine HOT PRESS featured ODi in it`s “Headlining Act Article", describing Crawl as an "Atmospheric 3 Tracker that displays ODi`s vocal talent in all it’s genuine glory". SO WHAT DOES THE FUTURE HOLD FOR ODi ? Not one to let the grass grow underneath her feet ODi heads out on a National Irish Radio Tour this Autumn and continues her busy live schedule in both the UK and Ireland in support of the release of her debut album 'Maslow's Songbook', produced by Karl Odlum (Fionn Regan, David Kitt, the Frames, Kila). email: [email protected] [link=""] Myspace [/link] [link=""] itunes [/link] Reviews so far................. "Ballsy folk from Leeds with a Damien Rice intensity and lilting female vocals, that can without warning spin off into PJ Harvey grungy rock. See brilliant single 'Crawl'........" Northern Monkie Promotions


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