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The Paramedikz started out with just 2 guys, James (Frozen ID), and Rich (Dj Wave). We used to rap over keyboard beats that James made and record our vocals with the beat on a tape recorder we borrowed from his dad. We were all in highschool at Rosslyn Academy, Nairobi. Elyse (Pepe Haze), had known Rich for over 2 years, and they had cultivated a good musician relationship. They used to battle each other, and battle other guys at school. The battles usually took place on the late bus, or during lunch down at the gym. Slowly they gained recognition, and a bet came up. The bet was that whoever writes the best instrumental and flow will be named the Best Rapper(s) at Rosslyn. This was a big step for the two (Rich and Elyse). Without wasting time, they started making beats in Elyse's room, and even though they won the bet, this ensued into a joy of recording, and putting out songs for Rosslyn people to hear. Elyse was introduced to James, and the 3 (Rich, Elyse, and James) founded the group The Paramedikz. In 2005, Jadon, a member of the punk band Haggis, joined the group, and added guitar riffs to most of the songs we did. Later in 2005, around November Ken (Wu Kid) joined the group, and was the fourth rapper. In August, 2006, a singer by the name Dyana joined the band. In 2007, 2 new artists have joined the group. Mahia who is a fourth year student at Daystar University, and Jye Kim a first year student also at Daystar University.


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