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Namyang-Ju, Hopyung

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tymastry [2:48] 2:48
It came upon a midnight clear [3:31] 3:31
Calvary [4:08] 4:08
Hangman [3:51] 3:51


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Namyang-Ju, Hopyung

Hi all - - - The middle son of a 7th Day Adventist preacher I breathed music from babyhood. Mom was very musically conservative, yet a brilliant master pianist who undoubtably bequeathed to me some of her musical tastebuds. My Dad was likewise into music - played saxaphone and sang. My songs are hymns, the true story of how my dad hitch-hiked and got tied up, and other conjectures & emotions - - - all in a style that is an intricate weave of acoustic fingerstyle guitar, blues, rap, funk, and I don't know what else. My music primarily made with nothing but my musically non-trained self & a few instruments like my guitar, bouzouki, bass, and garageband - should prove a pleasure & a unique trip! Enjoy the ride! Blessings & Peace! -Daniel [b] Check me out on My Homepage, MYSPACE, or YouTube[/b] [link="http://web.mac.com/danielbissell/iWeb/Artist"] My Homepage [/link] [link="http://myspace.com/danielbissell"] The Myspace Site [/link] [link="http://youtube.com/dorferdan"] The YouTube Site [/link] [color="darkblue"][/color][color="blue"][/color][color="darkblue"][/color]


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