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Emu plains add me *****DONT FORGET TO RATE ME THNX!***** HERES FOR US THE ONES THAT ARNT KNOCKING ON DOORS BUT JUMPING THROUGH THE WINDOW>> U R WHAT YOU MAKE OF YOURSELF! EVERYONES A HERO IN THEIR OWN WAY! Lisa Perry has been singing for as long as she can remember. Only recently did she discover her connection to an iconic singing star of 40 years ago. She discovered the connection when researching her family tree on the Internet. Her mother's maiden name was Kirby, the connection was 1960's Lisa's great new song, A Woman's Needs, is now in her player linked on her web page. This is a great song from Lisa which shows the range and feeling of her great voice. A very special thank you to Dax Liniere of the Puzzle Factory sound studio for producing this track and bringing out Lisa's best performance. golden girl of pop, Kathy Kirby. Lisa had never heard of Kathy, but, after more research, decided to sing some of her music. Lisa lives and works in Sydney, Australia. In a lovely little town where these pictures were taken. Her family have such faith in her singing ability that her father, a drummer, came out of retirement to form a band to promote her. She is much in demand. Where it all began ? Says Lisa: 'Mum and Dad both emigrated to New Zealand from England, Mum from Essex and Dad from Liverpool. I was born in Auckland, New Zealand on the 17th of April 1981 and we came to Australia in 1988. I remember I used to walk by myself to church at the age of 9 just because I wanted to sing ? From there I put myself (after a lot of nagging at Mum and Dad) into a performing arts class and I was taught to act and dance by Ross Hutchinson.He has danced with some of the greats,like Liza Minnelli.'


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