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Mixers and Chasers [5:13] 5:13
Wild Poppy [4:38] 4:38
Out of Gas N/A
Seventeen in Forty Three [5:45] 5:45
So did She N/A
Last Kiss is Lastin N/A
Old Orchid Lounge N/A
Spotlight and Stetson N/A
Payin for it Now [2:35] 2:35
Heres to you N/A
Broken String Blues N/A
Chrissy's Song [3:33] 3:33
Fairbanks to St.John [3:29] 3:29
Dancin with a Pig N/A
Spirit Left Behind [3:59] 3:59
Granda's Hoss N/A
Ghosts of War N/A
Flyin from an Angel N/A
Drivin Down to Austin N/A
Craiy Valley Whore N/A
Beauty and the Beast N/A
Boots on the Beach N/A
Blown like a Dream N/A
Old Teddy Bear N/A
Blue Eyed Girl [5:55] 5:55
a Chair,a Guitar,a Microphone. N/A
Kissing Spots N/A
LOOKS are just LUCK N/A
Hey Father N/A
Chances [5:02] 5:02
Devil with the Angel N/A
the ANGELS' SHARE [5:11] 5:11
Nightime Road N/A
Blind Betsy Brown N/A
You'd Never Have Lied N/A
The Car [3:42] 3:42
Goin on Alone N/A
Kriss [3:47] 3:47
Shades of Grey N/A
Justice & Injustice N/A
the Stone N/A
Gimme the Real Thing N/A
Mission Preachers Child N/A
Baby Girls N/A
Whisy Label Mirror N/A
This'll Appeal to You N/A
Strong Song N/A
See You Smile N/A
Ribbons of Stone N/A
Ifs and Butts N/A
Five Reasons for Drinking N/A
Cupid Child N/A
Baby Don't Cry N/A
Genuine McCoy N/A
Who Hid the Tabs ? N/A
That There Dog's a Hog !! N/A
Not Lookin N/A
Sittin Under the Stars N/A
Mountain Girls N/A
You Left Your Dog N/A
Low Yellow Soft Top N/A
Sweet Lullabies N/A
Out in Notpop County [3:56] 3:56
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