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Die wêreld se grootste wonder [3:36] 3:36
Net 'n flentertjie liefde [3:49] 3:49
Anderkant die spoor [3:13] 3:13


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He might be the youngest in the ESP Records stable, but this 16-year old is their in-house Patrizio Buanne, an Afrikaans superstar in the making thoroughly known for his high-energy stage performances. It is hard to miss the elecricity coming from the stage when this youngster steps up for a live show. His first performance to a live audience was in 2001 and since then, he has been performing at various pubs, schools and restaurants such as O'Hagans, Pit Stop, Stofies, Safarie, Hoërskool Hercules, and Tuine Hoër amongst others. Everybody knew he was worth keeping an eye on. With a granny that could play a guitar pro-style and a father that has been standing firmly with both feet in the music industry for almost 45 years, it was simply unthinkable that musical talent would not flow through the veins of this born and bred grade 9 boy from Hercules Hoër in Pretoria. Although Pieter's roots are grown from a strong Country music seed, he is certainly not afraid to branch out and nail other music styles. With professionalism and down right great musicianship, he is able to cover a wide variety of original and cover music from stone cold country, bluesy tunes to modern day radio hits. "We have been in the priviledged position to find and take this upcoming superstar under our wing. We have witnessed crowds double in size thanks to his unbelievable knack for crafting that one-of-a-kind song. He is a true all-around talent that doesn't demand, but earns your attention," says his producer, Paula Erasmus. He recently won the ATKV Sixty Seconds to Fame Contest with relative ease and his debut extended play album, Anderkant die spoor, was released in May 2008. His dazzling personality definitely makes him a very sought after item for all kind of functions, especially weddings and parties.


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