Darnesha Allen | SYM
Youngstown, OH

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Satin Sheets [3:24] 3:24
Incarcerate Me (Cazpa Feat D.A.R) [4:46] 4:46
Merry Christmas (Feat Jordan) [3:47] 3:47
Ferarri Chick [1:46] 1:46
I'm Single (J-Maine Feat D.A.R) [3:31] 3:31


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Youngstown, OH

I'm Darnesha Allen my artist name is D.A.R which stands for Dainty & Refined .I'm just doin me as a Artist /Songwriter who raps and sings. I am a huge fan of music and hopefully u can be a huge fan of me! I was born in East Point,Georgia and raised here in Youngstown, Ohio.I have great talent, I have been singing since I was 2 and rapping since I was 8 yrs old.I have alot of potential and NEED lots of exposure and NEEDS to be Heard!.Please leave a comment it would really mean a lot to me definitely if it's positive feedback thank you for your time muah!! much luv! peace....and keep peace witcha! Add sum 5's for meh...& I'll return the luv.


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