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Ridgeley, WV

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He Stopped Her Loving Her ( Duet with Nance Jayne) [3:16] 3:16
Boot Scootin' Boogie [3:18] 3:18
The River [4:24] 4:24
I'm no stranger to the rain [3:31] 3:31
Your Man [3:33] 3:33


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Ridgeley, WV

I am an aspiring singer. I love singing country music. In 2007 I did a 10 song cd in Tennessee, which I am very proud of. Currently I am trying to put a band together. However, I am continuing to sing every chance I get. I don't care if it is in front of 1 person or 30,000 I want to share what gift God has given me. I started singing in public events when I was 8. My first experience was at my grandfathers funeral. He loved my singing and it was a gift I could give to him. After that, I began singing in a karaoke atomsphere. At 18, I sang at Railfest. It is a local event that brings in a lot of people. This was my first experience in front of a large group of people, approximately 400. I own and operate a Martial Arts school in my hometown of Short Gap, WV. Currently I hold a 3rd degree black belt in Korean Tang Soo Do. I have now been studying Martial Arts for just over 24 years. After high school I joined the Marine Corps. I served 4 years and was a heavy equipment operator. I also taught Close Quarter Battle (military self defense) for a short time. I learned to weld when I was very young. My father taught me and it was something we had in common. Right now I work for CSX Railroad and am a Carman Welder. I work 11pm-7am. My daughter is 9 and is the joy of my life. She plays soccer. She is the most precious person in my life. She sings as well and has a beautiful voice. A few years ago I almost lost her to a rare disease, but God allowed me to spend more time with her and now she is healthy. I sing not only for the love of it, but because my little girl enjoys it. My plans are to one day make a career out of singing. I hope everyone enjoys what they hear! God Bless!!! Billy Gray


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