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[color="black"][/color][b]My name is DJ Adalia. On December 2007 I became one of the newest members to join the Ruffneck Crew Disc Jockeys. Beofre I joined, I had zero experience doing anything with music, all I did was listen to it. Then, in January 2008, I went into training with DJ Nethlight, who later became my fiance. The training was hard as we spent many a late night going over just one section of work that was only 20 seconds long. Of course, I was always wanting to move fatser and jump ahead. Nethlight then decided to open up a new branch of Ruffneck Crew in Cranbrook BC. I became known as the Supervisour and Vocalist here. The training did die down when June came as we were busy looking for new members to join. I became extremely anxious as I was really hyped to start mixing and creating my own work instead of just doing simple mash-ups of popular songs. So that was when I took it upon myself to teach myslef how to use Ejay Dance Studio. My first attempt was so horrendous that I deleted after only completing a minute's worth. I then thought about trying to take a few clips and loops that I have heard from Nethlight's work and try remixing those. And that was how my first song Nethlight Remixed came to be. As I was teaching myself, it took a grueling 4 months to complete the song, wondering the entire time if it was good enough or not. I understand that I need a lot of work still and alot of training as well but I am slowly working on it. In February of 2009, Ruffneck Crew Disc Jockeys had to shut their doors due to the recession and that was when I decided to go solo. So here I sit currently working on my latest piece of work while anxiously awaiting the arrival of my first-born. I know he will be a music lover just like his parents one day! ^_^


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