Steven Wayne Martin | SYM
Carrizozo, NM

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Carrizozo, NM

[color="blue"][/color] Short Fat Bald Myopic Forgetful - Fogey of a Hermit: Love entertaining musically (others seem to enjoy my performances, as well). Guess I'm hoping to better my circumstances by offering others an opportunity to record a song or two...maybe I'll finally make some royalties with this stuff; me and a million other wanna-be, decent singer/songwriters. Good thing it's mostly for the fun of it. It's ok, though, just [u]singing my heart and soul out [/u]for strangers...kind'a enjoy it! You too? Got about 150 songs (as of a few YEARS ago). By the way, [u]Nick Morerod of "Solarium" [/u] is an excellent audio man! We happen to live in the same town. He's gonna set sound levels, compression, reverb (and whatever else these audiophiles do) for me, so...I'll actually [b]have[/b] something to sell at gigs. Real nice. He told me about "showcaseyour" so I'm getting the heck off of "sonicbids", a pay-for-it Electronic Press Kit(EPK) site, which did me no good in about 18 months, maybe longer. I am so [u]over[/u] that site! Does showcaseyourmusic offer any free EPK? I'm sooo new. (Uh, sonicbids runs out for me ~27 Jun 08). For you girls, Nick and I share no physical attributes, so...AND he's young; (did I mention he's spoken for?) Back to business: I'm no Rythm and Blues man, with the guitar, anyway, but I can sing just about anything without any help from a computer program. That's all I have for now...hope you enjoy! [link="URL"][/link][link="URL"][/link] [link="URL"][/link]


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