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Union City, TN

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Long Black Train [4:07] 4:07
I'm Drinking From My Saucer N/A
Amazing Grace - My Chains are Gone [4:29] 4:29
Wolverton Mountain N/A
Sixteen Tons N/A


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Union City, TN

I'm really an engineer and land surveyor. Bought a keyboard last year and have had a lot of fun singing along. When I first heard the Josh Turner song "Me and God" I fell in love with it. I sang that at my sunday school class last Sunday. One of the members said, "That was pretty good, but I don't believe I'd quit my day job". Ha! I'm on here because I love singing and like to listen to everyone's music. Everybody ought to sing. Psalm 100 says "Make a joyful noise to the Lord." It doesn't say it has to sound good. Music makes the world go around. Love to all! My website is [link=""] [b]Robert L. Nichols & Associates[/b][/link] [link=""] [b]My Space Page[/b][/link] [link=""] [b]My Facebook Page I also created a website in memory of my youngest daughter at [link=""] [b]BECKY MILLER[/b][/link]


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