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Columbus, OH

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Do My Thang N/A
Hands Twisted [5:54] 5:54
high life-rough N/A
In Love [2:05] 2:05
May I Field [3:38] 3:38


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Columbus, OH

I got beats for any occasion...U can contact dj menniz at [email protected] or [email protected] U can find more beats on" and more music at you are a singer or rapper looking for quality beats to use for your music production for free submit your songs at [email protected] and it maybe selected for our underground dj menniz mix cd street team...Don't miss out on your Free Look!!![color="darkblue"][/color][b] Please Support Lima Ohio This story touch somthing deep inside of me and it saddens me to tell you that another COP KILLING has happen but now it's closer to my home...A woman holding her baby got shot and was killed...Her baby was wounded while the cops had the guy they was looking for in handcuffs already...So I ask Why was they shooting in a small town Lima,Ohio.. Sign the petition here: View the story here:[b][i]


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