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Bloomfield, NJ

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Bloomfield, NJ

Formed in 1982, Mod Fun are 3 lads from suburban NJ/NY who initially sought to pick up where Britsh neo-mod/punk group The Jam left off. They soon discovered much of the 60s music that had influenced Paul Weller; assimilating those influences into their already diverse tastes in the rock and punk of the time. Their flair for hooky, up-tempo original songs resulted in 2 LPs, 2 singles & an EP and they became popular members of NYC's burgeoning indie/garage scene. Having toured the US twice, Mod Fun set out on a European tour in 1987 that saw them playing to many new fans in 5 countries. Unfortunately, strains among the members took their toll and they would not play together again in public for 17 years. In the interim, a 20 song retrospective CD was released by GetHip Records and garnered enough attention to warrant a re-issue. Coincidentally, this occurred just as the boys were rehearsing for their come-back gig in 2004. Now going strong again, Mod Fun recently released a new CD entitled "Now...and Again" and has headlined shows all over New York & New Jersey as well as in cities such as Chicago, Nashville, Baltimore, and Philadelphia. More new material and another album are in the works.


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