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Houston, TX

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Oh No! [1:36] 1:36
40 At Yo Funeral F/ Levi, Emjay & I.Q. [3:49] 3:49
Tha New Breed [4:00] 4:00
Hip Hop Rockstar F/ Dre [4:23] 4:23
Team On F/ Bankhead and Jay Focus [3:49] 3:49


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Houston, TX

My name is Emjay i'm a producer from Detroit, Mi. now living in Houston, Tx. We've begun work on the next 4-Deep album, Heard B4 Seen. Myself, Koo-ROD, Klas-1 & J. Jones will be performing the classics as well as the new joints in a city near u. I'll also be doing some rock & scoring on some things, but i can't talk about it now. As 4 me i'm just doing my thing, taking my influences (that range from the 60's rock scene 2 the present) & trying 2 make good music, because i believe good music is wherever u find it. Let me put it this way if it sounds good then let the music sound good, it doesn't matter who did it or where they come from, all that matters is the music & how it makes u feel. Oh yeah look out 4 my new rock band Broken Toyz...Breakin' shit near u real soon. Also a collaboration with my good friends from over the water, Kill All Traitors is coming soon & that shit is going 2 b off hook. The U.K. is on fire, alot of good music is coming from over there so check'em out. Check out tha hottest producing dual in the U.K., from Brixton, South London:[link="http://www.showcaseyourmusic.com/killalltraitors][color="Darkred"][i]kill all traitors[/i][/color][/link]


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