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South Mills, NC

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24 2 Lyfe (instrumental) [2:15] 2:15
Cant Let Him Get Away (instrumental) [4:22] 4:22
Simply The Best (instrumental) [3:39] 3:39
Mr Producer (instrumental) [1:40] 1:40
Slick City Blues (instrumental) [4:31] 4:31


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South Mills, NC

Emgees originated in the garage in 1976 when my brother used to bang on the drums in the garage. I used to hate it. Myron is my brother and the ying to my yang. We collide and make songs distinclty for certain artist, keeping in mind how they would compliment the song and represent the style. Our style is unique and sets us apart from most genres. I don't really feel that our sound fits into just one particular "genre" although our influence is the 80's and "feel good" music. I would prefer to collaborate with artist that are trying to rejuvinate their career with a "new sound." Right now my main goal is to break into a songwriting career under "single-song" music contracts and to make a name for myself as a song writer and music producer. I would love to become a staff writer for a reputible label and help advance the careers of artists with my music. I love to have an artist "in mind" and to create a song for them. Each track has an influence in mind when created. I am seeking feedback as to what type of artist YOU think would compliment the song, this would help me to keep an open mind and not to limit myself. I am excited about this website and encourage everyone to steadfast to your dreams no matter how big or small and to remember "a journey of a million miles starts with one step."


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