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Song Length
Rock Stars Fate N/A
Revolving Door Justice N/A
Lonely Mans Past N/A
If This Guitar could Talk N/A
Nowhere Land N/A
Dream Away N/A
Keep the Change N/A
Living the Dream N/A
Time to Say Goodbye N/A
Slow Down Daddy N/A
Saturday Nite Feeling Allrite N/A
Pass the Buck N/A
Open Road Fever N/A
Little Lover N/A
Honey Dew N/A
DFeelin N/A
Good Man Down N/A
Dont Seem to Matter N/A
Look in a Mirror N/A
Doin Time N/A
Bad Reputation N/A
ET122112 N/A
Daves Blues N/A
TwentyFirst Century Blues N/A
RoadWhore N/A
Don't Give up the Day Job N/A
Play Something Funky N/A
Pocket Rocket N/A
I'm Buzy N/A
Crossroad Blues N/A
Green Onions N/A
Down & Dirty N/A
Judgement Day Blues N/A
Misses the Money N/A
Wag the Dog N/A
Daveski Shuffle N/A
Gypsy Blues (the jigs up) N/A
B Careful What U Wish 4 N/A
Can't Take You Anywheres N/A
If I Were Blind N/A
Take a Chance N/A
Give it All Away N/A
4th November N/A
Sisters in the Dark N/A
Cold Hard Steel N/A
Baby Boomer Blues N/A
Dissention Blues N/A
Working Blues N/A
Forces of Evil N/A
Politician Blues N/A
Road Rage N/A
Dilberts Blues N/A
Sams Blues (I'm Mad) N/A
Preacher Blues N/A
Lesser of 2 Evils N/A
Letter N/A
Jealous Hearted Man N/A
Let it Slide N/A
Get Outta My Way N/A
Do What You Say N/A
Brokeback Buddies N/A
Space Gunn N/A
I Wanna Know N/A
Sometimes Less is More N/A
Hands in My Pocket N/A
Devils in DC N/A
Funky White Boy N/A
Lady Liberty Cries N/A
Watch Out N/A
Lifetime of Bad Memories N/A
One Step Ahead N/A
Mama Get Ready N/A
(un)holy war N/A
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