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New York, NY

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Stay the Night [2:18] 2:18
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Sparks Fly [4:20] 4:20
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New York, NY

Hey Everyone! My name is Honey Ribar and I\'m 23 years old. I am a graduate from NYU- Tisch School of the Arts earning my BFA in Performance. I\'ve been performing since I was five years old and recording since I was eleven. Musical Theatre is what I am currently pursuing, however I would like to expand to pop, rock, and jazz. I competed in Minnesota Idol where I ranked in the top five in the state. I\'ve also competed in countless competitions and was a member of just about every choir I could involve myself in during my high school career. The songs displayed on this page are songs I\'ve recorded as far back as 9 years ago to just a few weeks ago. Most of these songs were recorded one time, straight through in my dorm room. Thanks so much for listening! Blessings and Love :) please visit my youtube channel: [link=\"http://www.youtube.com/honeyribar\"] Honey Ribar Youtube [/link]


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