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I Love My Dreams [4:10] 4:10
Across That Line [3:36] 3:36
[3:51] 3:51
Farm Boy [2:58] 2:58
Just Pullin Through [2:09] 2:09


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Doug has been pretty much a solo artist for several years, with the exception of the occasional assistance of Brian Correll. As a duo, Doug and Brian performed a few gigs around the Michigan area, as well as having one song (It Has A Way) aired on A country radio station. Doug has since gone on to write and record several songs in his home studio and has been promoting his own music on websites such as, Songramp, Digital Rodeo, and Tunesmith. All of the songs on this site are written,and sang by Doug, with the instrumentation and arrangement performed by Brian Correll,


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