Elizabeth Bahr | SYM
Waukesha, WI

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6 Gifts for the Country King [3:36] 3:36
2 J'attendais (I was waiting) [4:35] 4:35
3 My Precious One [3:50] 3:50
5 Falling Into You [4:23] 4:23
1 Blue [2:50] 2:50


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Waukesha, WI

I come from a musical family and love to sing. I am 26 years old and I\\\'m looking for a local band. I was in several choirs throughout high school and as a senior, the Concert Choir I participated in performed with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra. I just discovered what it\\\'s like to be in a recording studio, and I\\\'ve been fortunate enough to have met some talented people to help make these recordings possible. It\\\'s really a dream come true! \\\"Gifts for the Country King\\\" is an original Christmas song by Michael Bolt, and can also be found at the Garritan Online Community of Musicians website-www.garritan.com (Christmas Volume 7 2010 #7). The vocals were recorded by Pat Lilley at Nexus Recording Studio LTD. \\\"J\\\'attendais\\\", \\\"Falling into You\\\" and \\\"My Precious One\\\" are covers by Celine Dion. \\\"Valentine\\\" is originally done by Martina McBride. \\\"Blue\\\" is by LeAnn Rimes. \\\"My Precious One\\\" is one of my mom\\\'s favorites, so I dedicate it to her. -------------------------------------------- Special Thank You To: Mama- You\\\'re my biggest fan, and I thrive off your energy and enthusiasm. I love you very much. Daddy- Thank you for always pushing me to do my best, and for helping me not to give up so easily. I love you too. Jody Gregg - Gregg Sound Studios (Minnesota) Pat Lilley- Nexus Recording Studio LTD (Wisconsin) Michael Bolt-I will never be able to express how grateful I am to have met, and collaborated with you, and your wife June :) on-\\\"Gifts for the Country King\\\". Thank you for choosing me to sing such a magnificent song, and I value our friendship. Seven is the magic number! God bless you, and your wife. To the producers of the Garritan Music Community-Thank you for including, \\\"Gifts for the Country King\\\" on the 2010 Christmas album. It\\\'s an honor to be part of such a prestigious musical family! And a very special thank you to Uncle George and Aunt Rhonda for believing in me, and for the constant help and support. I dedicate this site to my Grandma Virginia, who passed away in March 2009. I\\\'m so grateful to you for always telling all your grandchildren that we can do, and be anything if we put total trust in the Lord. I miss you, and I hope I make you proud. I can\\\'t wait until we see each other again. I love you. Thank you for listening, and I hope you enjoy it! God bless you! Elizabeth Bahr


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