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Flash Frozen [3:37] 3:37
Membranes [5:26] 5:26
Imagination [3:16] 3:16
Natt -Frost [3:13] 3:13
What Future Holds [5:30] 5:30


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Arcticus is a one man band, has made music since 2001. Music describes as Ambient, Electronica, TripHop. Real music should be about expressing yourselfe. Something unique and individual like ourselves. We all have the possibility to make a change with our music if its either with out message in it or a vision behind it. Im beginning to fear that there ]is so much crappy music specially electronic music these days are lacking vision that there is almost no hope for the industry, the better the equipment gets with time, the less quality in the compositions and fantasy in the music it gets, it lacks feeling. Its like everyone\\\'s trying to copy each other and there nobody who makes it from they\\\'re spirit any more. People have gotten less critical last years. That has to change. The problem is that almost anybody with a computer that days can produce sounds, think they have something great to come with. And they who actually has something genuine maybe will not come forward. And that i think is really a disaster for development for the music. What classifies a excellent genius song, well i can tell you. A song the can last trough generations, because its message or greatness still apply. There are few cliché\\\'s, If you don\\\'t have anything new to come with, i mean you should probably start doing different things then making music, we heard it all before, thanks;) Evryone can make a computer make music but really its all about composing, thats reality. Real music with vison last for decades. I Would like to thank for all the support and votes, keep on sending out awesome vibes:) Arcticus has now a fan page on facebook check it out! Please vote my song if you like it. Im also an painter, please check out my work at [link=\"URL\"]


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