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youre so far away N/A
youre pain N/A
youll be N/A
you will suffer life is hell N/A
you stole my life dont take it away from me N/A
you recieve all you own N/A
you only reap you creep N/A
you never believed in me N/A
you must believe good vs evil N/A
you dont help N/A
you are liers N/A
you are everything you are perfect N/A
you are a slave N/A
you are hell bound N/A
monkeys N/A
i win N/A
hate cycle N/A
why die N/A
why did the world turn out this way N/A
why N/A
who we are N/A
what is happening N/A
were is god N/A
were half way there N/A
were is my girl N/A
were do i turn N/A
welcome to no mans land N/A
welcome to my world N/A
we destroyed the sky N/A
we all fall N/A
wana be N/A
wait beyond the centuries N/A
v N/A
voice in youre head N/A
tv brain wash trend kill N/A
tripped and fell into hell N/A
treble monkey with guest vocals N/A
time rift angel N/A
time paradox N/A
time lapse N/A
time does not wait N/A
time dissapears dont let time pass N/A
time capsule N/A
time disapears N/A
this world N/A
this is hell unplugged N/A
they run you in circles N/A
there must be someone N/A
the wrecker the reaper N/A
the world N/A
the third dimmension N/A
the spirit realm N/A
the paradox death trap N/A
others N/A
the one N/A
the message N/A
the meaning of life zero N/A
the second hollacaust N/A
the gateway the paradox is opening N/A
the future N/A
the end N/A
the decades N/A
the angel man N/A
the jugernaut N/A
the good angel N/A
un explainable N/A
why poltergeist N/A
what ive become N/A
users N/A
the poltergeist exorcist N/A
the exorcist N/A
the carrier N/A
reality N/A
my time N/A
meaning of life N/A
judgement N/A
instrumental N/A
i hate what we are N/A
dreams N/A
dark trance part one N/A
dark souls N/A
it all goes in time N/A
im in the room N/A
all you know N/A
the dead days N/A
the crossroads of pain N/A
technolagy safety net N/A
technolagy keeps us alive N/A
stronger N/A
stop me aka zero N/A
societys N/A
so this is it my friend i cant believe N/A
so little time N/A
slave N/A
slave to the machine N/A
she i must know N/A
send me an angel of mercy N/A
send me comfort N/A
selfishness N/A
self sacrafice N/A
self control N/A
scientolagy N/A
rip a hole in the sky N/A
reflecting unplugged N/A
reancarnation N/A
realizeation N/A
prophacy child N/A
proper choice the message N/A
power N/A
possesed N/A
population control N/A
poltergeist girl N/A
phsycic the future N/A
people like to torment N/A
pay back N/A
paranormal judgement N/A
paranormal activity N/A
outer body experience N/A
opposite messages N/A
only you N/A
only so much N/A
on my own N/A
oblivion N/A
nothing lasts forever N/A
nothing lasts forever remix N/A
not as i imagined N/A
non stop hell trip N/A
no tomorrows no turning back time N/A
no solid ground N/A
no safety net no place safe N/A
no place safe N/A
no loyalty N/A
no fate in the decades N/A
no turning back time N/A
new beginings N/A
never ending days N/A
necronomicon N/A
nature N/A
my judgement day N/A
my curse unplugged N/A
my cerimonial drum my heat beat N/A
my body changes N/A
my sacrafice N/A
music fuels the fire N/A
money is power N/A
mirricle N/A
walking dead unplugged N/A
nights to days unplugged N/A
reality unplugged N/A
god N/A
crying and screaming N/A
armageddon N/A
meditation N/A
martyrs N/A
man on a mission [5:58] 5:58
making it threw N/A
lost my girl N/A
looking for the cure N/A
lonely road N/A
live forever haunting N/A
life passes by so fast N/A
life is suffering hell N/A
life is a clock timeing N/A
life is hell N/A
liers N/A
liers cheats and theives N/A
left me for dead waiting out the storm N/A
its ok dont worry N/A
it stays negitive N/A
is there a better way to survive N/A
infinate infinitys N/A
im in the room N/A
im not coming back N/A
ill make it N/A
idle hands of the wicked N/A
i was only wishing for it N/A
i survive N/A
i need love N/A
i need an angel N/A
i miss you N/A
i love you hate me N/A
i live a dream N/A
i need love not hate N/A
humans are modified evolution zero N/A
humans are modified technolagy evolution N/A
human war N/A
history repeats itself N/A
hipnosis N/A
havoc N/A
hate the liers N/A
half way point N/A
got you in head N/A
god hates me N/A
god gun god N/A
go away N/A
go to hell N/A
go N/A
get what i deserve N/A
get back who you are N/A
gabriel live recording 1999 N/A
future children N/A
freedom N/A
freak live recording 1997 N/A
forever N/A
for her anything N/A
fell in love in hell N/A
feel the earth N/A
far away N/A
fallen angel N/A
evil N/A
everywere is evil N/A
everthing all at once N/A
enemy N/A
down N/A
dont worry N/A
dont let time pass N/A
do it i dare you N/A
destiny N/A
dead dreams N/A
darkness follows me N/A
cutting time in half N/A
crying and screaming N/A
crossing the line N/A
contradiction N/A
conspiracy theory N/A
city of hell N/A
chemicals to survive N/A
challeges N/A
blurred vision with guest vocals N/A
black magic N/A
beutify her N/A
better way N/A
begining of the end N/A
as it was N/A
as you fall N/A
apocalypse [2:39] 2:39
almost everyone wants me dead N/A
all energy N/A
aknowlagement of evil N/A
a world of nothing N/A
a rip in time N/A
a living hell N/A
a higher being N/A
a bad trip N/A
a life of fear N/A
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