Jesus Flores | SYM
Brooklyn, NY

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I Just Wanna Be [4:24] 4:24
You And Me [4:42] 4:42
Hearts On The Line [4:32] 4:32
It\'s Heartbreaking [4:44] 4:44
Pushing You Away [3:48] 3:48


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Brooklyn, NY

Music is my unconditional love from the beginning, till our end. Through the ups and downs in my life, in all aspects, Music has always been the only thing that was there for me to pick me up, as well as to move on forward. This is why I will always love it. My name is Jay. Its a nickname that many people have given me, as well as bestowed upon me as my music name (courtesy to an old g/f and her old man, who had an amazing music background, and pushed me to continue with Music). Shoutouts to Sparks Bang Em Productions and ProgRockDan1 for hooking me up with some kool tunes from their creativity, as well as for other producers who don\\\'t have a page here. Much love and respect


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