William Thompson | SYM
Atlantic City, NJ

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Fugue in A Flat for classical guitars [3:00] 3:00
You Gotta Have Faith [5:02] 5:02
If Everyday Could Bring A Rainbow [4:11] 4:11
You Got Me Spinning Around [3:58] 3:58
The Angels Around Us [5:18] 5:18


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Atlantic City, NJ

Hello:My friends call me "Wolfgang".I am a Producer,composer,Arranger,and Musician.There is no particular style of music that I compose,I Just compose music.Anythingfrom"pop,rock,R@B,HipHOP,Classical,Blues,Jazz, country,Trance,Electronic,World,Soul,Soundtrack,Reggae,Easy listening,Ect Ect.....You name it, I can create it, and The list goes on. I have an extensive musical education@background. My main interest is Being a producer, and To create anykind of music.I have 30+years composing and working with various artist to create Music for A very wide range of audiences. My creative process of Music is very Diverse,and no two songs are alike because of my ability to create any kind of music.I have many artistic visions,and love music for the love of music. I can Compose Any Music to the individual Vocal artist, @ Bands,According to specifications that they desire,in any style. I also focus on the needs of the artist,and tailor the sound to match the personality upon their request,and- of what they need as far as their own sound. Contact Me if you need a certain kind of song that You want for your own individual sound!,I work On contract, and require no fee's upfront.


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