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The Porridgeface is a 1-Man Metal Army from the Dark Woods of Värmland, Sweden. Influenced by the mightiest names in European Thrash, such as Sodom and Kreator, the Big 4 of American Metal and even Hardcore ala' GBH, it is no surprise that when this Army rolled up to my front door, it had already begun to leave behind a trail of devastation. The madness behind the method is Anders Lindberg, a metal powerhouse who marched under the banner, "I'm only in it for the drugs", when I met him in 2005. The moniker had much less to do with drugs but was held up as a symbol of reproach for anyone who wanted to force their expectations on this Swedish thrash metal machine. Typical of metal bands from Sweden, the Porridgeface does not make any attempt to conform to the ever-changing American culture of metal, which goes balls out for a particular style one day and shuns it the next. With the Porridgeface there is no hesitation when it comes to drawing from the wellspring of an older style,even if that style is considered "too punkish" or dated in some circles. To him, the only thing that matters is when you drop in the disc, what comes out or the speakers will kick the balls off a charging rhino. So, I signed the bastard and made an album of 10 killer Porridgeface tunes and 2 killer Porridgeface covers for everyone to enjoy. This collection, true to the self-depricating Porridgeface style is called "Canon of Ugliness". Enjoy- Clint Love Porridgeface [pawr-ij'-fays] –noun 1. A hideously ugly person. The type who is left scumming the bars at 01:00 am to find someone just as ugly as themselves so they can get laid. 2. A Swedish one-man Army of blistering speed/thrash metal.


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