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Brooks, KY

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Brooks, KY

My name is Jessica. As of right now I am 19 years old. I will be 20 in Aug. Music has always been my passion and I've never been shy about it. I'll sing anywhere and everywhere no matter where I am. My whole life I've wrote my own songs and with the years thats past it seems they keep getting better. The music I write are all songs that come from my heart with very much meaning inside them. I get told all the time that I need to do American Idol, but that show is not for me. I feel I need to pursue my career on my own terms and show the world what I've got where it needs to be shown. My family has always been behind me and been my backbone through all my music and there was never a show that I performed that they weren't there. So my love goes out to them as well as my thanks. The song entitled "mother" was written to my mother on Mother's Day of 2006. To this day there is not a time that I go visit that she's not playing that song, and the funny thing is is that I just so happened to be looking through her calender to find for Mother's Day this yr. she's sending my song to radio stations to hopefully be played. Thank you mom! Music seems to have a great impact on my life and there's nothing I'd rather do but to stand on stage and perform. I have performed the National Anthem for The Sportsdrome Speedway in Indiana, Sang at Clarksville Little Theatre, Sung at Anne's REsteraunt by the River, Old Folk's Homes, King's Island, a bar in Nashville, Tn, Coyotes bar in Louisville, radio, and tv. There's probably plenty more places I could name, but we will leave it at that. One day soon I hope to make it big, not for the money, but for the fact that it's my life! In July I'm going to Nashville, Tn to pursue my career, so all your love and support would be great! Thank you!!!!! Much love, Jessica


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