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Alexander Aruca, Rocks New Thunder!

[Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Rock & Roll]

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4.85 Rating | 27 Votes | 10868 Views |
Rocks New Thunder
  1. The Ballad Of Rudy Ray
  2. Crystal Ball
  3. Fight On
  4. Gamblin Man
Guitarist, Bassist, Singer, songwriter, producer & engineer.. These are the things I love to do. Self taught, my love for music drove me to develop these abilities.

I have played in bands & worked in studios from
N.Y C. to San Francisco. My learning process evolved from working with Producers such as Ashley Howe, Motor Head & Glen Klodkin of Joan Jet fame.

Get my new 2017 release "Dream Walker" is now available online on, Spotify, ITUNES, Google & Apple music as well as other digital music outlets. U.S., Australia/N.Z., Canada, UK/European Union, Japan & beyond.

Other Stores; Rhapsody, Napster, eMusic, GroupieTunes
, Lala, Shockhound & Amie Street.
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SinFeareR says:
{ 02-22-2015 20:17 }
stone cold liar has this deadly Ozzy vocal sound....
SinFeareR says:
{ 02-22-2015 20:14 }
the vocals on the creeper this is what iv been wanting to hear the electron double bass is wicked....
Solo D Joseph Daniel
{ 02-04-2010 09:37 }
Your music is real good my friend. This is the new solod. Hope you like. 555's from me by the way!
{ 04-11-2009 12:04 }
Ya got my vote Hot Tracks, 55555's all day, CHECK ME OUT AT:
negus roots takes it in the jaw!
{ 03-18-2009 11:09 }
a 5 on the strength of your axe work alone!!!
Outsourced Morality & The Pluto Reset
{ 03-06-2009 01:43 }
Killer guitar. Vote #22 5ver
Micantee says:
{ 03-02-2009 17:49 }
Ur too much, 5 ,great works
Bunker Records
{ 03-02-2009 14:39 }
Love the sound! great music! 5's all day RESPECT! DDP
Gina G.
Gina G. says:
{ 03-02-2009 14:26 }
Great music and sound,5s and a vote.Hope you can check out my page and let me know what you think.Gina G
Ditmares says:
{ 02-14-2009 22:39 }
Killer Photos Man, Lost in you has some sick riffs. Love it. Your photos really paint a picture of your past. I would be blessed if you would comment my showcase. Cheers Man.Keep it up.
The Council
{ 01-31-2009 13:43 }
Tight, very tight, and full of great talent in all aspects/peace and fives/ chazz/ v5
IcePulse says:
{ 11-07-2008 22:16 }
Fantastic tracks. All of them. Excellent tight playin and great vocals too. Reminds me of Bruce Dickinson in some parts. Vote #18 is 5 a well respected from me. Take Care
3rd REALM says:
{ 11-05-2008 18:51 }
Awesome Lead Guitar. Interesting bio.Really like lyrics, vocals, and guitar on "Take Control"V5=#17.
commercial free
{ 10-24-2008 16:15 }
lost in you sounds good gave you 5 check out my mmmyspace
Electric Shadow
{ 10-12-2008 15:03 }
Heart & Soul is killer,gave it all the stars I could. It's a perfect 10. You Rock! ~ES~
Rosty Silverside
{ 10-07-2008 09:12 }
This is some crazy rock man! That's what I call good music. I bet you listen a lot of motley crue, white snake, guns n roses, ratt and skid row huh?? Well done bro....SOLID 5 Hey check out my stuff as well on my showcase.
{ 09-26-2008 15:15 }
Wow Alex, this is what I call guitar! And I love the cool voice too, reminding me of Frank Zappa! Great showcase, I dig it! 5555555555 for sure! Funky greetings from Rob, solo bass-artist, Belgium
negus roots takes it in the jaw!
{ 09-25-2008 15:26 }
ayo! check m hustle smash on my page!!!
Loose Canon Productions
{ 09-14-2008 11:36 }
Nice! I really like the way the music and vocals are mixed..It is wonderful you have made music so much a part of your life.
Johnny Roastbeef
{ 09-14-2008 01:27 }
you're rockin on the guitar, man! good stuff. we're givin you a 5. -JRB
daniel todd
{ 09-13-2008 21:54 }
cool new one man
Air Echo Music
{ 09-13-2008 20:22 }
Hey Man, Hot HoT HOT! WooooW...CoolGuitarJam +MachineGunDrum+PassionVocal=KILLER song! Do U have concerts? If u do U could capture some video & put in Here, its gonna B Great! Delete the bad guy's comment = annoying fly! Bless! Love Peter
Air Echo Music
{ 09-05-2008 20:35 }
Wow Thanks 4 V5 me! A professional Music man V5 me Means a lot to me! Thank You Very Much!! Hey Alex U should Wide Spread ur music!!!! Coz its Cool!! Once U have new one inform me immediately! Beside I'll visit u very often! God Bless U! Love Peter
Air Echo Music
{ 09-04-2008 12:39 }
Love the Best is Heart & Soul! Passion Harmony Vocals+GuitarJams+BrilliantMusicArrangement = HOT+Cool! the other songs are Great too! hope U create more 4 us 2 Enjoy! uV=9, +myV5A=10votes! God Bless U! Cheers!! (º.º) Love Peter
Charlie don
{ 08-16-2008 15:36 }
Cool rockin' stuff man. All the best & a well deserved 5 from 3 belgian rockers who don't surf.
Marlan says:
{ 08-14-2008 00:26 }
Great lead guitar! Really like the lyrics,vocals and guitar on "Heart &Soul" and "Mustang Girl". Sound really rocks! Would add more photos and bio. Rate it a five (#9)
daniel todd
{ 08-12-2008 22:13 }
you rip man 5s from me to you
Kelley Krueger
{ 08-02-2008 20:36 }
Killer Riffz !!! Like your sound ALOT !!! Dig that Flying "V" !!! (5) Kelley K
commercial free
{ 07-30-2008 19:51 }
really cool riffs good structure gave you a five
DHW says:
{ 07-27-2008 07:30 }
Fantastic! Rocked my socks off! 5/5
Allen Baltzer
{ 07-15-2008 14:28 }
Really nice gringing guitars man. keep it up
klo says:
{ 07-06-2008 15:04 }
great sounds 5555
Col. Joe Austin (M.I.A. Vietnam Hero)
{ 07-01-2008 23:11 }
Awesome Compositions/Singing/Playing Performances! Loved it all and gave you a 5! Thanks for helping keep Syms Children/Youth voting/listening/Viewing Audiences safe and involved too! We appreciate your Quality of Excellence!
Dave Roy
Dave Roy says:
{ 06-30-2008 23:31 }
Hey thanks for the comment. Like your sound as well. Got some good licks going on here. You got my vote of a high 5. Keep on doing what you are doin. Many blessings to you.
JSK says:
{ 06-29-2008 21:06 }
Rockin'! You've got what it takes! We like to rock as well. Check us out.
{ 06-29-2008 21:03 }
You have the right sound to get a big crowd in the heavy market. Very British sounding. 100% Brooks