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Asian Will

Portland, TX [Electronica, Techno, New Age]

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Asian Will Promo
My name is Asian Will and i create an electronic style based music mixing techno, trance, new age, paranormal, and sci fi together. I'm hoping to get my music further out there for everyone to enjoy. I'm from South Texas so this type of music style isn't really popular but hopefully i can change that. Let the Music Take You Beyond The Imagination.
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{ 05-22-2011 10:53 }
ambient movement...Cool
P&D Productions
{ 03-05-2011 16:24 }
thanks for the comment
P&D Productions
{ 03-05-2011 16:24 }
thanks for the comment
P&D Productions
{ 03-03-2011 15:02 }
new behind the scene videos with our music team / record label Ghetto Rich Entertainment find us on youtube type in ghetto rich ent taking any comment on here or the youtube channel,and gave you a 5 on the music good stuff
{ 02-18-2011 12:16 }
Great music happenin' here.
{ 02-08-2011 14:12 }
you good you go make it.GOD with u Keep it up...a 5 all day hit my page it take a min...
{ 02-07-2011 15:21 }
Im new here.. got fresh new songs and videos check dem out thanks
Stephen Michael Minnick (Vietnam War Hero)
Thank you for your Vote and Comment! All your Creations Transport a person into Realms of the Infinite Mind! Thank you for creating an escape that's so Creative and Beautiful!Keep Shinning, You Do That so Well!
Stephen Michael Minnick (Vietnam War Hero)
Excellent Showcase & Wonderful Creations! V-5
Bruce Riley
{ 02-02-2011 13:58 }
WELCOME TO SYM. Thanks for posting song. Great tracks as I visit these pages....BRUCE
{ 01-28-2011 16:55 }
Hi, welcome to sym, awe inspiring music, would be fantastic film soundtracks. A worthy 5 from me. Good luck Lynn