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Billy Gray

Ridgeley, WV [Country, Country Rock]

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Billy Gray
I am an aspiring singer. I love singing country music. In 2007 I did a 10 song cd in Tennessee, which I am very proud of. Currently I am trying to put a band together. However, I am continuing to sing every chance I get. I don't care if it is in front of 1 person or 30,000 I want to share what gift God has given me. I started singing in public events when I was 8. My first experience was at my grandfathers funeral. He loved my singing and it was a gift I could give to him. After that, I began singing in a karaoke atomsphere. At 18, I sang at Railfest. It is a local event that brings in a lot of people. This was my first experience in front of a large group of people, approximately 400.

I own and operate a Martial Arts school in my hometown of Short Gap, WV. Currently I hold a 3rd degree black belt in Korean Tang Soo Do. I have now been studying Martial Arts for just over 24 years.

After high school I joined the Marine Corps. I served 4 years and was a heavy equipment operator. I also taught Close Quarter Battle (military self defense) for a short time.

I learned to weld when I was very young. My father taught me and it was something we had in common. Right now I work for CSX Railroad and am a Carman Welder. I work 11pm-7am.

My daughter is 9 and is the joy of my life. She plays soccer. She is the most precious person in my life. She sings as well and has a beautiful voice. A few years ago I almost lost her to a rare disease, but God allowed me to spend more time with her and now she is healthy. I sing not only for the love of it, but because my little girl enjoys it. My plans are to one day make a career out of singing.

I hope everyone enjoys what they hear!

God Bless!!!

Billy Gray
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Nance Jayne/Njal
{ 01-26-2014 14:38 }
hiya.!!! ; )
Nance Jayne/Njal
{ 06-16-2013 14:55 }
Happy Father\'s Day Billy
Nance Jayne/Njal
{ 11-29-2009 02:21 }
Nice going Billy, stopped by to listen, always a pleasure, to hear you sing. Your so good, love you kid.
Stephen Michael Minnick (Vietnam War Hero)
Billy, congratulations and I know where Mt. Savage is and so good to see yuo singing your best and first time I saw you sing. Awesome! I'm so proud of YOU and I know Raven would be too. God Bless and you keep it up my Little Brother! DJ
Troy Wayne
{ 08-20-2009 10:14 }
5 to ya I always stop by to listen to ol Red. I always did like that song. Keep em comming T.
Dannah Garay
{ 07-15-2009 11:51 }
Hey nice music! Dee Jay Silverheel's told me bout you! Come and visit too. Love, Dannah G.
blondie09 says:
{ 01-27-2009 13:58 }
Strange State
{ 01-04-2009 19:35 }
You have a very distinctive voice a perfect fit for your style keep the tunes coming in 09 Happy New year. 5 vote.
Dave McIsaac
{ 12-23-2008 22:12 }
Just wishing you a Very Merry Christmas and a Rockin' New Year! Let's keep speading the love. Your friend, Dave
Air Echo Music
{ 12-23-2008 21:01 }
!~~MERRY CHRISTMAS + HAPPY NEW YEAR~~! Lets Pray 4 the Whole World, V all Join Our Hands. 2009 will b Much Better, Human face odd together There V see what is Brotherhood! Silver ahead of Us God Bless You + Your Family! (º.º) Love Peter
Andrew Hindu MCcarthy
{ 12-08-2008 20:31 }
♫♫♫popin you the five*****stars for the savage musi you got keep up the good work and pop round to listen to my music keep in touch hindu♫
Andrew Hindu MCcarthy
{ 12-08-2008 20:31 }
♫♫♫popin you the five*****stars for the savage musi you got keep up the good work and pop round to listen to my music keep in touch hindu♫
{ 11-21-2008 18:48 }
Thank Billy for you comments, Just got my computer fix and back today. Will try to get around and vote and comment. Fun it is.
Stephen Michael Minnick (Vietnam War Hero)
Hey, Billy! Just came by to tell you hello and listen to some of your songs and you sound wonderful! I hope your daughter is good and all is well for you all? You keep on singing and love the new pics and songs too.DJ
......BLACK VELVET.......
{ 11-19-2008 17:55 }
{ 11-02-2008 19:37 }
Yes you are great singer, Dee & Nance sent me to check you out, I vote 5++++++++++++ for you.
marlana31 says:
{ 11-02-2008 15:27 }
good luck billy we all enjoy hearing you sing..would love to hear Addy too.we give you the highest rating possible lol :)
Roger Lee
Roger Lee says:
{ 10-06-2008 11:30 }
Love these tracks, real country music... Keep it up :o) High 5
The FACES says:
{ 09-22-2008 22:21 }
Sounds good,keep it going!God bless.
Air Echo Music
{ 09-02-2008 21:49 }
Hello Billy, How R U!! Our Brother (David Roberts)=praywarrior made a song seems new! (Lowly Humans)... > COOL... & his (Love Never Fails) always great!! Bless! (º.º) Love Peter
Nance Jayne/Njal
{ 08-20-2008 10:25 }
Hey Billy, I am doing just fine,you sound great as always,I miss ya.Keep singin and smilein and I hope your dreams come true. I am sending my new homemade Cd to Darlene at powersourse.The pic is my album cover I have choosen.
Air Echo Music
{ 08-19-2008 08:04 }
Hello Billy How r U!! Love ya Vocal always!! Strong Voice + Good Listening!! Enjoy ya pg!!! Bless!! Love Peter
"Me-Ca": David James & Ellen Masse
{ 08-04-2008 16:17 }
Hey Billy! You're welcome! You deserve the compliments! Have you thought about posting a page on myspace music? It's a great way to get your music heard!
"Me-Ca": David James & Ellen Masse
{ 08-03-2008 12:01 }
Great Voice On Some Great Country Tunes! I really Love Your Stuff! 5 From Me!
Joy says:
{ 07-22-2008 03:33 }
v 5!Awesome and cheerful music. Love it! I'm a christian musician and song writer too.come and visit my showcase when u r free. God Bless u+ ur family!
Trista Wheaton
{ 07-16-2008 09:14 }
Hey Man you sound Great !!!! gave you a 5 God Bless
Nance Jayne/Njal
{ 07-13-2008 14:20 }
Please tell Addison, I enjoyed her and her singing is great too. Keep it up and I hope to see her again. She is a wonderful girl and I had fun with her. Blessings to you and Addison and thank you Billy.
Nance Jayne/Njal
{ 07-13-2008 14:13 }
Hi was singing last night was a was a blast and lots of singers too. I missed you and i gave Candy a copy of what we did and the place was packed and a few from my home town came so I was pleased with that. Raven
Roger Lee
Roger Lee says:
{ 07-09-2008 14:59 }
Hey Billy, I love these tunes of yours, we don't get country music over here anymore, keep up the good work, its a high 5 from me :o)
{ 07-07-2008 07:27 }
Love the voice and I think you may bring country back to it's roots. 5
STEVEN J (ChicaGo)
{ 07-06-2008 23:58 }
love that second song, its your best work so far
Nance Jayne/Njal
{ 07-06-2008 12:29 }
Billy, you sure did a great job in Nashville and yes, you are a star and your on your way. Our CD is great and Mr Paul Gannon of Big Ears Studio is our Sound Engineer and our future record studio. God Bless You Raven
Sandra Godley
{ 07-05-2008 10:41 }
Really great music! Please check out my new tracks! San
Nance Jayne/Njal
{ 06-27-2008 15:00 }
Number one on Country Rock, Congradulations, Well deserved Billy. your a 10 for sure.
Col. Joe Austin (M.I.A. Vietnam Hero)
{ 06-26-2008 09:52 }
DeeSilverheel's"LittleStars"ThanksYouForYourWonderful CommentAndOutstandingMusic/V/Support!WePrayYour,"Little Star"WillOneDayFeelSafeEnoughOnSymsToGraceUsAllWithHer ManyBeautifulTalents,SuchAsHerFatherSoWelderfullyDisplays! "LittleStars"Give's 5'S!
Nance Jayne/Njal
{ 06-26-2008 09:44 }
Wonderful Page Dee has made for Children. She is truely creative, isn't she!!!
Stephen Michael Minnick (Vietnam War Hero)
Billy,Come see: Dee Jay Silverheels, "Little Stars" it's a showcase I did for Peter and Syms Kids to help Monitor the inappropriate things, on here that kids need help with? I got a vote for you, if you do? Thanks!
Troy Wayne
{ 06-24-2008 11:51 }
thanks for listening. You got some voice.keep up those live performances.They will serve you well when you record you album. 5 to ya. take care T. Wayne
Air Echo Music
{ 06-23-2008 19:05 }
Hey Man, Nance told me you all were very successful was it!!! Congratulations!! Waiting 4 that vid ans share the happiness with you all! Cool!! God Bless You!! (º.º) Love Peter
Col. Joe Austin (M.I.A. Vietnam Hero)
{ 06-23-2008 01:22 }
Just stopped by to tell you I added another song to my showcase and one especially for YOU! The Song is called: "Let Me Let Go." Just hoping to cheer you up is all? Good Night!
Nance Jayne/Njal
{ 06-22-2008 13:28 }
Morning Song Bird who sings so beautifully. What a wonderful job you did last night, wow my boy like you very much and Barry said he was sure glad to meet you and said you are an excelent singer and a wonderful person. I think so too. Love Ya Ravin
Col. Joe Austin (M.I.A. Vietnam Hero)
{ 06-22-2008 10:23 }
Good Morning! Hope your singing with my family went Great? Thanks for your wonderful comments on my Art and I added some more and "This Little Light Of Mine" & "Do Lord". Peter wants us all to view Tania K.? She's Wonderful!! Thnks!
Col. Joe Austin (M.I.A. Vietnam Hero)
{ 06-21-2008 03:29 }
Hey!You are doing wonderful and thank you for all that you say and send me and being so good to my family.Thanks for help so many friends on here and IaddedArttomyshowcase&DoLord,ThisLittleLightof Mine,JesusLoveAllThePeople.
Ja says:
{ 06-20-2008 21:27 }
A5 allday!Thank u for your words!It really helped your music,kicks ass!!
Tim Dunn
Tim Dunn says:
{ 06-20-2008 18:23 }
Hey Billy, Great sound and what a voice you got!. what about them Hillbilly Shoes and Hillbilly deluxe. you sounding like a certain Mr.Magraw. Love your style Big 5 my friend.
{ 06-19-2008 22:09 }
Not sure who will be driving, most likely Momma, unless Doug drives we'll get there sooner, just kidding mamma can drive she won some thropys in her dragracing days. What a women. See you there and I was hopin you'd sing My Maria you do it so well. Peace
{ 06-19-2008 19:42 }
oh yah, I pushed the 5 vote and it went through, so I must not have done that, but I did today. Queen City Idol Contest is an honor to have won that. My Maria had to be the song that did it I love that song. Our lady peace.
{ 06-19-2008 19:31 }
Thank again Billy Iam glad you like us, saturday
Richard Murray
{ 06-19-2008 15:11 }
Great country voice..Best to you and yours..5..RM
{ 06-19-2008 11:49 }
Were gonna be jammin, and I've been known to sing some country tunes. Box Car Willie Momma sings Brown Eyed Boy so well with our band, the fans love her. Im glad momma is singing,and havin fun. She is a great singer & so are you. See ya there. Barron
Col. Joe Austin (M.I.A. Vietnam Hero)
{ 06-19-2008 02:48 }
Hello There My Wonderful Country Singer/Friend! You are sure doing such a wonderful job and I'm so happy for you, Nance & Now Barry. Hey, would you give a listen to two others: Jason Jaxxson and Troy Wayne for me, Please?Thanks!
{ 06-18-2008 16:06 }
Hay! Great tunes and voice Billy, momma said you were great and My Maria is a great song, and you did it great. See you saturday night, want to meet you in person and sing a few tunes.I vote 55555555555555555555555 for you too.Barry
Col. Joe Austin (M.I.A. Vietnam Hero)
{ 06-17-2008 23:56 }
So Happy You Got The M.O.& I hope it helps your Trip To Nashville! Thank You for taking Nance along and Good Luck with Getting your Songs Recorded and New Ones too! I'm so proud you you and Nance and have fun for me too! XX's
Nance Jayne/Njal
{ 06-15-2008 03:51 }
Your amazing and I am so honored to know you. Your biggest Fan Ravin Alway 5s from me Billy,
{ 06-14-2008 15:45 }
great voice, you as good as any I have listen to, your tone is spot on. you my friend have been blessed with a precious gift. (5 from me) Regards Greg
Col. Joe Austin (M.I.A. Vietnam Hero)
{ 06-14-2008 02:00 }
YouDeserveWhereYouAre&IHopeYouStayThereOrMoveUpToStar dom!YouHadYourSongsRecordedLongBeforeYouKnewNanceOr MeAndYouDidEverythingYouWereSupposeToDoWithOrWithout Us.YouTakeTheCreditForWhereYouAre&WeSupportYou,AsYou DoUs!WeAreSoProudOFYou!XXX's
Nance Jayne/Njal
{ 06-13-2008 12:27 }
Just dropped by to say Hi and listen to you, Added a new song last night, tell me what you think. Raven
Newsflash Sounds
{ 06-13-2008 09:36 }
Great voice. Drop by to say hello.
......BLACK VELVET.......
{ 06-12-2008 00:39 }
DSS Music
DSS Music says:
{ 06-11-2008 17:29 }
Some great music here and you have the perfect voice for them. Our vote #31 is a big 5 and we wish you every success for the future.
Tony Eubanks
{ 06-11-2008 16:56 }
Billy, I really enjoyed your songs and the way you sang them. Keep up the good work and don't forget us little people. We have a lot in common. Keep the faith. Here's a 5. tone
Annis says:
{ 06-10-2008 20:21 }
Hi. Grate music, grate voice. Gave you a 5, 'cause you deserve it. Come check out my showcase
Nance Jayne/Njal
{ 06-10-2008 16:37 }
Congradulations Billy you are Top Gun on the Country Rock charts, now who's rippin the charts up. Just me
John Davis
{ 06-10-2008 16:25 }
wow aftor 63 of them birthdays 64 is one of them I will remember.and the music is so good her its a shame I cant push that 5 butins again her.they shuld at least let us vote again aftor another month roles around.but it sure wont budg the secont time
Nance Jayne/Njal
{ 06-10-2008 14:24 }
You are Dynomite, keep it up, see ya soooooooooon.
Nance Jayne/Njal
{ 06-10-2008 13:35 }
Happy Fathers Day Billy, Your biggest Fan. Raven
Col. Joe Austin (M.I.A. Vietnam Hero)
{ 06-08-2008 13:37 }
Billy,Did you Look At Yourself On Sym's Home Page??Look and see where You Are??Awesome News and I can't believe how wonderful everyone here is to us all?? God has been merciful To the Little People??
Air Echo Music
{ 06-08-2008 03:20 }
HaPPy Father's DaY.... Have a Nice Saturday + Sunday!! Bless!! (º.º) Love Peter
Air Echo Music
{ 06-06-2008 13:41 }
Hey Man,,, You will be Great there!!.. Go and take it... Coz U have a Perfect Team.... He He He He,,, Jesus will lead you all!! God Bless U!!! Love Peter
......BLACK VELVET.......
{ 06-05-2008 20:09 }
......BLACK VELVET.......
{ 06-05-2008 20:07 }
Southern Girl!
{ 06-05-2008 16:18 }
You are having fun, I can tell!! Go for your dream!!
Col. Joe Austin (M.I.A. Vietnam Hero)
{ 06-04-2008 02:02 }
Go,Billy!Nance&IAreCheeringForUcosWeThinkYourGreat! YourSongsAreAwesome&LoveMariaButAllAreSungWonderful- ly!GreatVoice&LovePicturesOfYou/YourDaughter/Talents OfSToveMaking/MartialArtToo!I'mYourFan!
Nance Jayne/Njal
{ 06-03-2008 23:18 }
Visited my friend Lee, Black Velvet He's my Elvis Your my George Johns.We need to get together and Practice our sound so it is good and harmanized.If you can make it Saterday we will go outside and Practis some before we sing. Ok Let me know.
Nance Jayne/Njal
{ 06-01-2008 15:12 }
Alway 55555555555555s from me for you Billy, see you soon. Raven
Darlene Miller
{ 05-31-2008 23:03 }
Wow what a voice you have. Really enjoyed your showcase. Talented. a 10 Darlene
{ 05-31-2008 21:05 }
Nice selection - I especially liked My Maria (great vocals) and Your Man. You might enjoy my Tokyo, Tokyo with its martial arts references, albeit Japanese and not Korean... Anyway, a well-deserved high 5 from me.
Dave Roy
Dave Roy says:
{ 05-30-2008 12:25 }
Hey my friend very nice strong voice. Good selection on songs. Love your story. I play with a band out of Martinsburg WV and the drummers brother by the name of Gary Crimm owns and operates a martial arts school. God speed to you I give you a 5.
Lost Gaurdians
{ 05-30-2008 11:01 }
Hi Billy thanx for the comment,I enjoyed your tunes keep it!
{ 05-30-2008 03:41 }
Great music & voice Billy! Respect! Although it's not really my style, I rate you the maximum or a score of 55555! All the best from Robert, Belgium
Air Echo Music
{ 05-30-2008 02:20 }
HeY man, not Bad, Dee Jay Silverheel is right!!! Awesome!!! Go 4 more!! A twenty more u'll be up in 5 stingy pgs,,,, Harder!!! ,, coz U R Cool!!!! Bless! (º.º) Love Peter
Col. Joe Austin (M.I.A. Vietnam Hero)
{ 05-29-2008 20:57 }
Billy,LookAtYou!YouGot30CommentsSoFastAndLookATAll Those55555555555's?YouAreSoAwesome!IGotSomethingTo TellYouAndNanceJayne???BetterCheckYourMailboxRight Away???YouAreSoAwesome!!!
. says:
{ 05-29-2008 05:40 }
55555555555555555555555555555555555555555 55555555555555555555555555555555555555555 55555555555555555555555555555555555555555 ALL THE BEST XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX ALL THE WAY
. says:
{ 05-29-2008 05:39 }
SKEI says:
{ 05-28-2008 17:58 }
Hi Billy!! Thanks for your comment and vote!! Your music is really great as well as your voice! 5 for you!! xxx
Out of Quebec
{ 05-28-2008 04:50 }
Really wonderful voice!! Could listen to that m´long long time. Top grades! /OUQ
Nance Jayne/Njal
{ 05-26-2008 16:21 }
Wow! love the cook stove too. Your daughter is 9 and she is beautiful. What a blessing. Hoping to sing with you again soon stay well. Blessings to you and your daughter from above.
Bill Sterling
{ 05-26-2008 15:44 }
Hi Billy I enjoy your singing very much also thanks for your encouraging e-mail and your prayers. Peter has put together so many wonderful people praying for our daughter God bless you all..Bill 5's
Sonja Perenda
{ 05-26-2008 11:41 }
Oh wow, thank you too for the great comment and the rate!! I wish you lots of success for your future and current projects. Take care, ~Sonja~
Cross Road
{ 05-25-2008 20:18 }
Great voice! You got it going on. Thanks for stopping by my showcase!! 5 for you!!! Rob
Dave McIsaac
{ 05-25-2008 19:58 }
Thanks for the comment. I want to welcome you to our great bunch of musicians. I like your choice of material. It shows off your voice very well. I'll pass on a 5 to you.
The King
{ 05-25-2008 18:41 }
Thanks for stopping by and your vote and comment, you sound like a busy guy, you mustbe proud of your girl. your music is great, keep it up , we give you a 5.
{ 05-25-2008 18:23 }
ATTENTION MAJOR RECORD LABELS..SIGN THIS ARTIST IMMEDIATELY. Billy Gray is one you don't want to let get away!!! $$$$$$$ Current Rating: 4.6 [20 votes] Vote number 20..RATE 5 is from me Billy... Love, Sharon
{ 05-25-2008 18:19 }
Hi Billy Gray..nothing but a 5++++ for you. Excellent vocals, great music. Love your strong voice, love for life and cute daughter. The pot belly stove is good too!!! Some fine cook'n can go on in that stove!!! Blessings...Sharon :))))
Johanna Balogh
{ 05-25-2008 14:42 }
high 5 for your wonderful voice so filled with great dynamics! Love your sounds!! always with Love and peace... johanna :)
Air Echo Music
{ 05-25-2008 12:06 }
Hey Man Cool + Right... U go around and visit all!! That's Real Good!!!!! Hey Pray-Warrior U R now....... Go to Patty Bear 4 help!! Patty's place 5.5 earthquake, she isn't injury... go go go .. see my comment there!! God Bless U + Ur Family! Love Peter
Barbara says:
{ 05-25-2008 12:00 }
Awesome voice and singing. I'm sure your dream will come true. Thank you for your comment. You have my vote of 5!
Patty Bear
{ 05-25-2008 11:28 }
my vote #17
Patty Bear
{ 05-25-2008 11:27 }
Hello Billy Gray. thank you for your message and vote. I am very glad that I appreciate my music. Regarding you, I'll give you my 5. Music good job. continues. I wish you success. God bless you. a little hug. Patty Bear
Eric Mendosa Ghetto Survivor!!
{ 05-25-2008 10:48 }
since i watch my pg i no u gave a real 5 i got nothin but tha utmost respect 4 u stoppin by a rap pg.sincerely eric mendosa,o yea,i like tha lyrics in tha songz but hillbilly deluxe ,it was crazy.put god 1st an may u b blessed like me