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Alexei Biryukoff

Barnaul [Heavy Metal, World, Electronica]

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yellow sky
  1. Beslani
  2. Black September
  3. Escape From The Imposed Morals
  4. FastAfter
  5. Islamic Trance
My music does not fit into the classification system of this site, wonder why they don't include styles like noise, ambient, experimental and a few others???

Anyway glad to see some very inspiring folks here and being a part of this showcase!

I create music for my shows and performances, so my music is more like a soundtrack - each track may vary style and technique wise.
My process of making music is very much like painting - i do not build a track by square loops connected with bridges and tails, it is more like adding and reducing layers and strokes, the main aim is to render the emotion and dynamics of a theme/performance.

Please visit my links to grab a wider idea of the whole thing.

my main website
my SOUND page
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Rivers Pound
{ 08-24-2007 18:25 }
Thanks for your remarks - enyoyed your music - 5 4 U.
{ 06-01-2007 14:15 }
this is some mo, i dont know what this is but i like it keep up the good work bro