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merseyside [Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Soundtrack]

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I write, play, arrange, rearrange, change, and eventually record all the instruments, except for the drums which I programmed on the computer (like you couldn't tell!) and some piano parts. There are no vocals on these tracks because i don't sing, and don't do much lyric writing; I prefer to concentrate on the music, trying to put some sort of emotion/atmosphere into it, so rather than it being just something that you hear it becomes something that takes you somewhere. Having said that, it does help if you like heavy metal and dark gloomy miserable stuff! So close your eyes, open your ears and see what happens...

By the way, I never said I was a brilliant musician, so if you hear anything not quite perfect, remember, it's all about the feeling.
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shrine of ammon
{ 09-19-2010 01:53 }
are u in germany these days bro? was hearin ya on a play list earlyer, great work brother!!! lord cyrus
Lee(The Ripper)Elliott
{ 04-06-2010 10:59 }
Great work. Really like the sound. (5) Lee
Joe Mena ( Broke on Monday )
{ 07-07-2009 10:38 }
Dude I had to give you a huge 5 !!!!!! Your music puts me on a trip! Like mushrooms and acid all at once. Great stuff. Check out my page comment and vote. Keep tripping like you do!!!!
Antonio Tanonov
{ 03-27-2009 16:05 }
Great idea! 5 Balls! Super!!!
Richard Todd (Songwriter)
{ 03-17-2009 08:26 }
What Sunset is very moody and atmospheric,some nice key changes and time changes.A 5 from me.Have a gander at my stuff I also write dark instru.Leave us a vote and comment if you can. Keep writing and take it easy
shrine of ammon
{ 02-18-2009 01:56 }
awsome!!! 5 all the way do you have myspace?
KG Goodwin
{ 02-18-2009 01:45 }
AWESOME! Brings to mind a gunslingin' vampire in the Wild West ... Great horror soundtrack - I'm brainstormin' now! Love Changing Tides - Big 5 Plus my friend! KG
Mike Melton
{ 02-17-2009 23:54 }
Very good instrumentals!Remember a lot of great European composers didn't use lyrics. Better check your ancestors out! If not kin,you may be the next great one! Five!
The Council
{ 02-17-2009 20:54 }
Your clean hard driving progressions bring you your first well deserved five/peace from chazz in canada.....v5