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Bud Wadsworth

sheffield lake, OH [Folk, Alt. Rock, Underground]

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Bud Wadsworth is a solo recording artist living in Cleveland Ohio at the moment. He is originates from northwest Ohio, where he grew up in the sticks near the Green Springs area. At 16 he was given his first guitar from his Grandma Pixie for christmas. In order to practice his lead guitar he would record background tracks. Soon, he was picking up other instruments and, attending school at The Recording Workshop in Chillicothe. He is influenced by many types of artists and, is known for his never so perfect engineering.
Some influences of his are Frank Zappa, Sublime, Ween, Les Claypool, Hunter Thompson, Mudflower, Nirvana, Earth, All sound, Violent Femmes, Jack Johnson, Grateful Dead, Beatles, Miles Davis, Leonard Cohen, and NIN. There are so many I could never finish.
He gets support from his long time friends, family, and his wonderful wife Wendy. He has written 4 albums, Smoking Dinosaur, Worse Than the First, Junk, Multiple Personalities, totaling 48 tracks. The 5th installment is due in months time. So check it out and, tell me what you think.
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Bud Wadsworth
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Leo D
Leo D says:
{ 02-21-2008 13:47 }
Loving your guitar work. Beautiful music!! Rated you a 5