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Cadence The Artist

desert hot springs, CA [R&B, Soul, HipHop]

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Whats Good im Cadence The Artist ...check me out here
  1. " I Can Be That " by 2tecs feat Cadence The Artist
  2. " I Promise "
  3. " I Told You " Feat Stone , B-dela and scoonz
  4. " Still Love You " feat Stone
  5. " What If "
  6. ' Dance our Lives Away " feat Stone
Its Like playing the lottery - you don't choose what family you're born into. Upcoming R&B/HIP HOP artist Cadence will tell you that. Born into a broken home ridden with abuse and neglect, the emerging artist from Tucson learned early on that his true home was onstage and in the studio. Blessed to be adopted by the underwoods at 11 years of age , Cadence The Artist started Transforming himself into a warhorse performer, the singer combines the spirits of Boyz II men and Jodeci into his own smooth vocal serenade , as heard in his two latest singles " I Promise" And " Dance Our Lives Away" featuring Stone. "I want to inspire kids that come from a broken home, and give the the courage and strength to find direction in their lives"
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{ 02-06-2018 10:16 }
lets collabo my g-im ready!
L-Boze says:
{ 12-07-2016 19:15 }
shout out from the east side of tucson! good to hear some good music. my favorite was i can be that. check me out, l-boze.
{ 08-14-2016 13:45 }
dope tunes on here! i would ride out on a road trip to these tracks, especially "i still love you".I can relate!- lets work man-djspittah