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detroit, MI [Rap, HipHop, R&B]

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t-boy aka yung and restless.dont under estimate he might snatch yo necklace
  1. watch me do it
[i][b][/color]well it all started with aree the leader all her life she been tryna get in the industry but her "step dad" kept keepin her down so at age 7 she went to him and said I got some new rhymes and she spit them so fye and so fast you can see in his eyes he was exstonished but he was a litle selfish so he said well youto young maybe next year.3 years at 10 years old she had a big inprovement made raps about her short life how friends are fake and how to tell if they some fake j's and then her 2 younger brothers thought lets join her where gonna make it big no matter what it takes so they joined and was a bigger pain in the ass she made all thier rhymes and at their age they could barely read it so they went to bebo spityogame even myspace and made single accounts and a group account and at saynow the have a lil account check it out call 650-331-4999 well we have more but dont feel like telling get at us later.
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Soljah Sick aka Neezy
{ 09-05-2007 15:24 }
Wanna Collab?
{ 09-04-2007 08:20 }
yea yea keep pushin that music.... come check me out....maybe we can do some work toghether