David Steven Guy

Sheffield [Pop, Easy Listening, Folk Rock]

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David Steven Guy
  1. 1 Friends for decades
  2. 2 Codename Porcupine
  3. 3 Astrologer
  4. 4 Song in one day
  5. 5 Sparrowhawk
  6. 6 Mirror
  7. 7 Planes
  8. 8. Ghost Train

I am David Steven Guy from South Yorkshire, UK.

These songs are written by myself and recorded using mainly keyboards and a multitrack recorder.

These songs were all written during 2014.
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Tony Sarcozi
{ 11-26-2013 10:55 }
Hi David, thanks for your support. Great to hear original lyrics on your tracks.
{ 08-04-2013 22:42 }
looking In on Ya , how Are U David ; enjoy To hear Dragon again : gonna hit 5 & lets see what happens , for v 60 ; cheers TDT :
{ 12-10-2012 09:57 }
Hi David here\'s wishing you and your loved ones a joyous and safe holiday season!!!!!!!!!
Charles Kohlberg
{ 12-02-2012 11:30 }
I really enjoyed listening to your songs. Especially Parachute and Demons! Rated a 5 ... vocals and writing style reminds me of Sir Paul!
Donna Shannon
{ 10-09-2012 11:39 }
Thanks for your comment on my page. My fav song of yours is Dragonfly. Your style is very original, at least to my ear. Nice that you created all these songs yourself. I wish I played an instrument so I could do my own music. Peace and Blessings...
benj says:
{ 08-31-2012 13:46 }
Hi David, Thank you for your kind comments. Listening to your show case (also on headphones) well crafted songs and lyrics , reminds me of Neil innes most enjoyable. 5* from me. Benj
David Steven Guy
{ 08-19-2012 15:10 }
Thanks for comment Daniel, I too always listen to music on SYM and other places through headphones, much better than computer speakers.
daniel albury/7beatstreet/HeAdPhOnE Rock!!
Cynthia says:
{ 07-25-2012 21:57 }
Just listen to all your songs,Love your lyrics, very well done, 5555!Thank you for your sincere compliments.
Helder Rock
{ 03-23-2012 08:18 }
Brilliant showcase, 5 from me Helder.
Funkyaxe ( Andy )
{ 02-19-2012 06:15 }
Hello David Really like your relaxed laid back style. Thanks for your kind comment on my music. If you ever want a guitar solo added to any of your songs let ma know. Regards Andy ( funkyaxe )
Trevor James
{ 11-21-2011 23:15 }
Nice easy style - good lyrics - keep it going - very good showcase - top marks from me
Robyn Harriss
{ 09-04-2011 15:51 }
Nice work, wanted to stop by and give you a 5. Blessings Always
Darrell Glen Carlisle
{ 06-08-2011 15:56 }
Very original and catchy 5 from me!!
BIGDOG says:
{ 04-23-2011 12:17 }
SI-MON says:
{ 04-18-2011 10:39 }
Hi and thanks for the support ! I love your work too, really neat chord changes ! 5 all the way rgds S
Bryon Swartout
{ 12-14-2010 16:38 }
Thanks for listening to my stuff. It's great to get a compliment from a fellow pianist - there are certainly too few of us here! I liked Holiday Romance and your choice of passing chords/song structure really intriguing. Voted you a 5. Good work!
Pytaro says:
{ 12-09-2010 08:53 }
Hi David, thanks for your comment,I was away for awhile playing on cruiseship! Great composition, 5 from me. Cheers
Oksy Moron
{ 11-21-2010 20:30 }
Some interesting Beatle-ish riffs,jazz chords and key changes. Some good ideas in there. Cheers, George
{ 11-04-2010 09:48 }
Hi David, great atmosphere here, cool voice, great songs, ghostly vibes, well, a big 55555 to you from Rob, Belgium
The White Ravens
{ 11-04-2010 07:11 }
Hi Dave, Really enjoyed your Ghosts song! Cheers, Will and Amy
Toney Dey
Toney Dey says:
{ 10-20-2010 02:08 }
Good song, that song can be used in a movie or cartoon, that's what comes to mind when I hear it. I like It.
RubX Project
{ 09-21-2010 01:51 }
Hi David, Thanks for your comment. Like your choice of chords a lot... 5 points. Cheers, Ruben, RubX Project
Steve Sharp - One Man Band
{ 09-03-2010 22:03 }
Thanks for the vote dave,i gave you a five allso, great music,keep up the good work, Steve Sharp
Bingham Willoughby
{ 07-13-2010 16:15 }
Hi David, thanks for your kind words. Enjoying listening to your songs. Give my regards to Yorkshire (I'm a fan!), all the best from Canada, Bing.
Seija says:
{ 07-03-2010 19:23 }
A very great showcase you have here!! 5 Rating Approved!! -DJseija from Portugal
spacebar says:
{ 06-27-2010 00:11 }
great songs- quirky lyrics- had fun listening to these tracks
Jinx says:
{ 06-12-2010 13:17 }
Hey David, I love your classic music! This is my favorite kind of stuff, I just wish more people were doing it. You're a real find!
jazzie jai
{ 06-08-2010 17:41 }
nice music 5 all the way
Johanna Balogh
{ 06-03-2010 22:26 }
High 5's for you! Thoughtful lyrics. Well written music! Thank you!
Dash Too
Dash Too says:
{ 06-01-2010 16:06 }
Thanking U David ; hope U Pick Up Some more Returns :
Moses Reyes
{ 05-30-2010 03:01 }
David, thanks for listening to my music. You have great style and a fantastic approach to lyrical story telling. Loved the use of chord progressions very reminiscent of that timeless British style. High 5's from a fan in Florida.
Special Guests
{ 05-27-2010 10:30 }
You're a good songwriter. Like your Beatles/XTC style. Stay away from covers and keep writing! A 5 for effort and having similar influences.
Dash Too
Dash Too says:
{ 05-27-2010 03:18 }
looking in again on UR Page, Loving That Beautiful Girl Song & Dragon Fly:
Leaf James
{ 05-26-2010 11:23 }
{ 04-14-2010 05:47 }
Thanks for your very kind comments..you write very catchy songs! 55555
Zory Burner
{ 03-10-2010 16:07 }
Hi Dave! Thanks so much for stopping by and for the lovely comment! Cool showcase! Cheers Xx
{ 02-20-2010 16:16 }
HI David .Nice showcase ,varied and interesting .Keep up the good work.best wishes Dave Nice name by the way.
helmut "bill"Lepicek
{ 02-08-2010 07:53 }
hey david...enjoyed your music,and your own songs,i used a 8 track boss digital recorder. 5 for u..take care.
Jerry Feheley
{ 02-07-2010 11:55 }
Hi David. Thanks for your nice comments. I listened to some of your songs. Very nice. I agree with you. Todays synthesizers are amazing. Whoever dreamed there could be such things.
Jotek Marcin J\\\
{ 02-06-2010 07:51 }
Good Music!
Dash Too
Dash Too says:
{ 02-04-2010 16:57 }
Stopped by UR Showcase, & heard An Unusual Style Of Easy Listing Melodies & enjoyed Them, Loved Dragon Fly & Beautiful Girl. Hitting U With A High 555 All The Way ;
Hearts of Steele
{ 01-21-2010 21:11 }
Thank you so much for your comment. We really enjoyed your music, kind of an Eric Clapton, Beatles feel, nice stuff. Throwin' you a 5, keep it up. Let us know if there are any gigs where you are, we're the travellin' type! Sincerely, Hearts of Steele
Alec Steinwall
{ 01-21-2010 00:50 }
David, thanks for your comments. I really enjoyed your songs - they are all engaging and melodically interesting. Some of your arrangements are quite sophisticated. Great work - keep up the writing.
Chris A Butler
{ 01-16-2010 12:48 }
Thanks for the kind comments - liking your stuff too - 5 from me
Maurice DAoust
{ 01-12-2010 20:41 }
Thanks for your comments David but I have to say that you are an amazingly talented composer. Your songs show great versatility and debth. I think I detect a bit of Elton John influence and maybe even some Beatles. Five from me.
Elizabeth Bahr
{ 01-08-2010 02:03 }
David-Thank you for your kind words and high vote. You are a gifted songwriter! I listened to "Extraordinary Girl", and I enjoyed it. I thought it was a very sweet, happy song and your voice is pleasant to listen to. 5 from me as well!
Bob & Deb Eaton
{ 01-07-2010 17:54 }
David, thanks for visiting our page and for your very kind comment! I'm enjoying listening to your songs. Don't have time for all of them today, so I will be back. Good stuff, gets a 5 from me. Bob
kryptick says:
{ 01-07-2010 09:09 }
DD- i really like your songs especially 'DRAGONFLY'
Marc Morlock
{ 11-15-2009 09:10 }
I can feel the emotions in your "Voice" I love it. This is "Beautiful"