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David Slattery

Ithaca, NY [Alt. Rock, Easy Listening, Singer]

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David Slattery
My name is David Slattery and I am a singer/songwriter who plays piano and guitar. I have a small home studio and produce my recordings track by track. I have been writing and recording for 25 years.
I have posted several original songs and slideshows on
Search djs61909 or David Slattery
You will find a few slideshows here also.
I will to be posting more here as time allows. Email me at
Check out my website at
Thanks for stopping by!
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Marlan says:
{ 12-20-2008 15:53 }
Great videos especially "Josefina" and "The No Mow Zone". Good balance of vocals and instruments.Fantastic songwriting on "A Song for George Bush" and "My Wife Cut Her Hair(And Now It's Gone to Her Head),High 5 for vote #69.
DSS Music
DSS Music says:
{ 10-15-2008 15:37 }
Thoroughly enjoyable songs and great video. Could listen to your lyrics all day. Lovely mixture of serious and fun. Big 5 as vote # 68 and keep on writing.
DANNY says:
{ 10-05-2008 19:33 }
josefina is funny as hell video man..great song.. different and thats what i like about it.. brilliant.. 5 all the way
{ 06-01-2008 20:15 }
A true original now added to my favourites. A high 5 from me.
JammyBen says:
{ 02-04-2008 05:41 }
Excellent music which flows very nicely. I enjoyed listening to it. I've rated you a 5. Keep the good work going ... Respect
Wolfgang Productions
{ 02-02-2008 07:07 }
Hi David! I haven't been around much but- Thanks for the wonderful comment my friend! Much Appreciated.- love your video and music ! Awesome Keep them coming!
......BLACK VELVET.......
{ 12-03-2007 02:54 }
good music very nice your friend Lee
{ 11-22-2007 15:46 }
hey my bro...been awhile been a tough go... but this song comes out of it, while I wait,, "Don't Need To hide"
ELYSHA says:
{ 11-01-2007 08:42 }
Wonderful music - great to listen to! Can't help but give you 5! Listen in on mine too!
sharyn says:
{ 10-30-2007 14:22 }
wow i just love it...your tunes chilled me right out after a hard day at should get those babies onto sending you a well chilled 5 from BIRMINGHAM ENGLAND..swing by me if you have time..x
{ 10-26-2007 11:49 }
hey man thats good music it realy sounds profesional. way to go man keep up the hard work. (5) all day.
Young Mac
Young Mac says:
{ 10-26-2007 01:37 }
I like you have great music, and talent that will take ya far. Keep grinding.
Wendy Risoli
{ 10-16-2007 23:03 }
Sweet. Loved it. Glad I came. Gave you a vote. Wendy Risoli
julien angelov
{ 10-11-2007 15:00 }
I'd love your music!!! Deserve 5
Leo D
Leo D says:
{ 10-10-2007 17:23 }
Great music David!Reminds me of the good ol' days. I love it! 5 for sure Love & Light
Joe wazzup
{ 10-09-2007 21:46 }
Delightful music and presentation, so i gave you a five.
Dominik Pietraszko
{ 09-07-2007 15:16 }
You play and sing joyfully:)5
Sabra says:
{ 09-05-2007 20:12 }
well thanks for stopping by!! i like your tunes, very catchy and fun to listen to. best of the best to you, friend.
Anne Gomez
{ 09-01-2007 10:12 }
Wow...I love your velvet sound & your lyrics are warm & capture the listener...Cheers,Anne Gomez
Natalie Keel
{ 08-27-2007 05:27 }
love the lyrics and the songs and the vocals big 555555z!ur very unique in style! holla back! natz xXx
Jimmy Cempron
{ 08-22-2007 06:12 }
Hi Dave!Great showcase & great songwriting skills with postive messages!Love your music too,its relaxing!Thanks for sharing your talent with us.PEACE...jim
{ 08-21-2007 15:42 }
Hey Dave..had to drop by and give another and longer listen.. Luv the low vibratto ( cat stevens-like).. Thx for listening to "Please Don't Hurry The Words".. ,mybest to ya..joe
DANNY says:
{ 08-20-2007 14:54 }
karens song is brillaint,love it,i just put some new songs on called i don't mind and no peace today,let me know what you think,keep up the great music your doing.. peace danny
Ry Anderson
{ 08-19-2007 12:57 }
Hey David! My wife and I just had a listen to "Karen's Song". It has a nice feel - reminds us of Cat Stevens. (Thanks for stopping by mine, by the way).
Rick Amira
{ 08-18-2007 23:25 }
I'm hooked on your sound, especially the song about cutting your wife's hair--- Have you been on this site for long? My email is I wanted to find out the cost! What do you know?
Dave Colvin
{ 08-18-2007 11:04 }
Nice easy sound - very cool! 555's!! All the best! Dave
Glenn  Rogers
{ 08-17-2007 03:50 }
Thanks the for the kind comment about my music I like your songs they have a relaxed feel.
Second Chance
{ 08-16-2007 15:26 }
Dave, I also have this site with other music on it. You are the guru brother! You are terrific! Rob
Cross Road
{ 08-16-2007 15:23 }
David, I was looking at Natasha Hurst's showcase and saw your recent comment and I am wondering why you have never left a comment on my showcase? Just curious. I still say you are great man. Guru? Not hardly! Rob
Natasha Hurst
{ 08-15-2007 23:34 }
Great Lyrics, I also like your vocals and instrumentation. XOXO Tash!
The Council
{ 08-15-2007 22:27 }
wholesome ,beautiful;top shelf;chazz 555,s
I'm gone says:
{ 08-15-2007 19:35 }
Great job!! thanks for stopping byt I love your voice!
{ 08-15-2007 15:53 }
hey dave... nice feel.. a "5" from toronto.. I want to check out your anti war site as well.. tc..joe
Jim O
{ 08-15-2007 05:16 }
Great lyrics and a very laid back easy style. Great stuff. A definite 5, please come and visit my showcase and let me know what you think.
Amari says:
{ 08-15-2007 00:07 }
Thanks for the compliment.I think you're great, clean and vocals
Warrior Poet
{ 08-14-2007 10:09 }
Thanks so much man. Im so glad u liked my song and my voice. I really appreciate the kind words. You can listen to more stuff in my space. Thanks again!! Carlos
Ashley Culver
{ 08-14-2007 07:40 }
Great songs and I love the videos. Thanks for stopping by my site and the encouragement!
Eddie Blackstone
{ 08-13-2007 23:22 }
Great stuff David. Keep putting it out there.Best regards from the UK.Eddie Definite 5
Stephen Johnson
{ 08-13-2007 08:54 }
Nice going ,, like your songs ,,easy on the ear ,,Good Luck in all that you do!! 55555's from me to you , God Bless, Steve ( Australia)
Joseph Luckinbill
{ 08-12-2007 13:57 }
Hey you have a great voice man and the recording quality on your trax is really good. The lyrics and style are really easy to listen to as well. Keep it up! joe
Matt Chadwick
{ 08-12-2007 12:32 }
Nice. I'm an instant fan of the No Mow Zone. Keep it coming.
Lisette Vares
{ 08-12-2007 11:41 }
Really nice tracks!! Hope you´re having a wondeful summer:) Yours sincerely/ Lisette
DANAB says:
{ 08-12-2007 00:30 }
Thanks for the comment. Your songs are great! They show true musicianship.
Rick Amira
{ 08-11-2007 23:28 }
Hi Dave, Just want to say that you sound real COOL... easy to listen to and very melodic... rick
Angelica Redlund
{ 08-11-2007 14:23 }
Hi David! Love your way with words, wish I could get it sorted out like that someday. Thanks for stoppin´by my page earlier. Take care! Hugs from Sweden //Angelica
Lazar Silver
{ 08-11-2007 13:07 }
nice sound man, cat stevens comes to my mind!! good work. peace!
GT says:
{ 08-11-2007 02:48 }
Thanks for the comment David. You have a very Cat Stevens sound. I like it!
George Ides
{ 08-05-2007 06:59 }
Hello Dave just browsing around, came across your music, really good stuff, will be coming back for a more serious session. Top marks anyway
Charlie Brennan
{ 08-04-2007 11:18 }
Hi Dave, Thanks for the nice comments on my Showcase. It's good to know that "vets" like us are not alone out there! Keep up the great work, and, remember, the choice to make family first was a no brainer...Nice job brother. ~Charlie
Alec Steinwall
{ 08-03-2007 14:05 }
David, you have the natural ease of a veteran storyteller. I loved the songs, witty, insightful, with just the right blend of excellent musicianship and tongue-in-cheek, self-effacing fun. Can't wait to hear more soon. Alec
smicki says:
{ 08-03-2007 06:58 }
love it
Wolfgang Productions
{ 08-02-2007 09:09 }
Love it!!! The fretless Bass is the Perfect choice. SHaker sounds good, And everything else adds a great dimension A+
Miss Lou Reid
{ 07-30-2007 15:10 }
Lovely songs..Great sound! Lou
Kristi Scott
{ 07-24-2007 16:44 }
Hi David! Thank you for your kind words:)... your songs are great! Best wishes!
DANNY says:
{ 07-24-2007 14:23 }
hi mate thanks for your comment am very grateful,the kid is back in town is a great track love your voice and the arrangement,memorys are laced in your music along with the videos,nice touch,somethink for the kids to look back on hey, peace danny
Espedair Street
{ 07-20-2007 18:40 }
another great song my friend, lovely lyrics, lovely melodies and great guitar work, superb!
Air Echo Music
{ 07-18-2007 12:11 }
Hey Man Thanks for your support!!! We both like make people smile, that's Great!!! Keep in touch & Take Care!! What a Good Stuff You have! Love it Always Man! Peace + Bless!! Peter
Air Echo Music
{ 07-18-2007 01:49 }
Hello mDavid, You've got Warm Videos Warm Songs and most of all A WARM FAMILY! That's most important! You bring happiness + smile to our family! Thanks Man! V5A!!! ('.')+(*_*)+(("_")) Love it! Sincerely Peter
Wolfgang Productions
{ 07-17-2007 23:42 }
Karen's song is fantastic!, Your Production@sound quality is really great. Crisp guitars. Fantasic work David! I love this kind of music!. Actually I love all of your music.I always did from the first day I found your showcase.Thanx for the update!!!
Edward Luna
{ 07-06-2007 18:59 }
555555zzz for you!!!!!!!! Peace Edward
Edward Luna
{ 07-06-2007 18:58 }
Let me tell you Wierd Al has nothing on YOU! That video was pure genius! You have the knack for attraction and that's what it's all about. Please listen to my normal stuff and tell me what you think? Nice yacht
Dolow says:
{ 07-04-2007 01:08 }
nice work
Kimberly Rector
{ 07-03-2007 13:32 }
Wonderful..Thank You!
The Noah K. Band
{ 07-02-2007 23:34 }
This May Seem Off The Wall,But,A Friend/Drummer Of Mine's Mother Used To Cut Her Grass In A Bikini And She WAS HOTTT ! Well,Bro,You Get 5 From Me ! Sorry Should've Reversed The Messages?????
The Noah K. Band
{ 07-02-2007 23:33 }
Dude,HOW COOL.The No Mow Zone Is A Hit In My Book.Seems Like Everyone Went Through A Similar Situation. Blessed Be.Keep It Up ! Noah K.
Ghost Black
{ 06-29-2007 10:40 }
im yout 25th vote and i say, your great. 5's all day for all that hard work with the weed wacker. i love that song.
Ashley Valentine
{ 06-27-2007 17:07 }
hey! i just uploaded a video of me playing piano! would you check it out plz? ~Ashley V~
Dave Colvin
{ 06-24-2007 22:36 }
Dave, Great tunes! Thanks for the nice comment also - I will have more video out after 8/4/07 so keep checking back! All the best! Also check my YouTube under my name or arnybarn - either should bring up my videos. Dave Colvin
Wolfgang Productions
{ 06-23-2007 22:56 }
LOL..I feel that Robots and androids of the future,will have no human rights- LOL- OUR human race will neglect, and take advange of them just like our modern toasters!!!!..
Wolfgang Productions
{ 06-22-2007 23:16 }
AWESOME Video!! Watched over a dozen times already...Whew..I new my lawn cut,or I need a date..LOL
Wolfgang Productions
{ 06-22-2007 22:13 }
My new title is now released!! Go check Out Robot World!!!!!!
Wolfgang Productions
{ 06-22-2007 21:00 }
Thanksfor your commentDavehey;I had a problem with your file,And I could not load it properly.LOL anyway,I have 2 more productions on the way.I am really exicted about both.Very unique compostions.WishIcould singlike you.Your great man.Glad to know you
Justus Prevails
{ 06-21-2007 00:56 }
I was really moved by song 1. It just blew me away and all I can say is bravo! Good for you! I also enjoyed all the other music. You have a good voice for your instrumentation is excellent. It shows you've worked hard at this.
DAY says:
{ 06-19-2007 01:12 }
Thanks David, your comments mean alot to me. ~*DAY*~
{ 06-18-2007 11:24 }
Hi Dave, You sounded Great! I gave you all 5's. Thank you so much for your comment.
DAY says:
{ 06-18-2007 01:02 }
Nice sound you got going on. 5 from **~~DAY~~**
Wolfgang Productions
{ 06-11-2007 00:09 }
I would love to re-mix your song"The kid is back in town"not change the song structure,but rather enhancethe sound QualityIE digital sound reshaping/ Bring out the crystal clear qualityThat I feel it really needs.The song itself,is perfect.
Wolfgang Productions
{ 06-11-2007 00:02 }
HI David!Looking forward to your new songs!I have been extremely busy with the entertainment company that I have worked so hard to create.I officially and currently hold a Brand Spankin new commercial license!and I am now A professional Producer!My Dream!
Darlene Miller
{ 06-10-2007 23:41 }
Hey David, great songs, You are very talented. I enjoyed listening to every one. Come visit and let me touch your heart strings like you have mine. Darlene
jomeer says:
{ 05-29-2007 08:57 }
hey man, thanks lot for you sweet comment. I really apreciate..This give me the chance to know great man like you.I encourage you to go through your work that is fabulous...
Pytaro says:
{ 05-26-2007 11:34 }
Hi David, it's me again just to tell you I love your music, it is honest and from the heart.
Pytaro says:
{ 05-26-2007 11:29 }
Hi David, I'm very sorry for your son and I agree with you 200%. It is very sad that a lot of people's life has changed because of 1 man! I have experienced all of that so I know what I'm talking about.5 for you and God bless.
STEVEN J (ChicaGo)
{ 05-18-2007 01:58 }
hey great work, really amazing stuff, you are truly talented, hope all the others see it the way we do, best of luck to you, 5 ALL DAY LONG, return the opinion and vote, it matterz to us, GOD BLESS
Cheryle Correa
{ 05-17-2007 15:53 }
Thanks so much for saying such nice things..I appreciate being considered a 10. As I said before I enjoyed your sound very much...hope only good things come to you!
Cheryle Correa
{ 05-17-2007 00:07 }
Really enjoy your sound, tunes and video slides..great work...wishing you all the best. Hope you can find time to check out my music as well.
Rick Curti
{ 05-16-2007 13:30 }
thank you David for the kind words.I enjoyed your music as well. you have a beautiful family. lets keep in touch,get together sometime,and write music together,let me know what you think?
Wolfgang Productions
{ 05-15-2007 22:48 }
HI DAVID!!!How you doing?,Great I hope.Just stopping by to say hello and have a listen again.I added you to my favorites,and thank you for adding yourself to my myspace.I'm honored!!!Have a great week Buddy!
Cai Irvin
Cai Irvin says:
{ 05-15-2007 12:35 }
sound pretty old school its got that kind of feel to it, i like it man keep it up, your doing great you get a 5
Cross Road
{ 05-11-2007 14:10 }
Very nice work. Amazing talent. Flows like a river. Off into the sunset. Best of wishes. 54U "Come see me"
Wolfgang Productions
{ 04-29-2007 06:48 }
Oh yea,Here is a 5 for you,forgot to rate you.sorry- LOL.
Wolfgang Productions
{ 04-29-2007 06:33 }
Thanx david for your comments,much appreciated. Yea,I cant sing a note unfortunately,The vocals were done by a good friend of mine named draco,a very talented singer.All I did,was compose the music.
Wolfgang Productions
{ 04-28-2007 22:07 }
By the way,the song and video about yourself- "The kid is back in town"is totally awesome !!.
Wolfgang Productions
{ 04-28-2007 22:01 }
Over and all,I love your Music and your style!!Keep making great music David!!.and I'll keep listening.......
Wolfgang Productions
{ 04-28-2007 21:58 }
It does not matter"how good the equipment is"it's about how good the music is!!!!!!.I started with 2 regular old 1976 TAPE RECORDERS,and a primative microphone, bouncing back and forth;LOL.It took me 20+ years to develop my personal studio as it is today.
Wolfgang Productions
{ 04-27-2007 18:07 }
Just coming back to listen to your great music again!.I really enjoy your works david.All the best to you>.
Wolfgang Productions
{ 04-25-2007 21:44 }
GREAT"FEELGOODMUSIC"!I can listen to your music Over and over again,it's That good,Great showcase!I thoughtthat I posted a comment here a while ago,Sorryif I Didn't.anyway,I am very happy to Find Your showcase!Here's a 5!be back to listen more!
jonclaw says:
{ 04-17-2007 07:40 }
Good music, nice to listen to. Gave you a 5
Pete White
{ 04-06-2007 21:12 }
cool tunes mate- very clever lyrics indeed. don't be a stranger. pete.w.
Mary Shannon
{ 04-06-2007 09:14 }
You are a great songwriter! Love the music I gave you a 5! Thank you for the comments. It's great to know what other fellow musicians with talent think of my music!
King slender
{ 04-05-2007 21:39 }
Great song. I really like it a lot. Thank you for sharing it.