Q: Does SYM take a percentage?

A: No. We don't take a percentage or a commission. ShowcaseYourMusic does not directly participate in your deal, but is the catalyst for A&R to find you. The deal you make is between you (artist) and them (industry representatives).
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Q: Why does the music industry go to SYM?

A: has no flashy distractions to waste time because in the music industry time is money. The industry professionals like to move swiftly through our no-nonsense site, find what it is there looking for and continue their business. The industry professionals have been extremely satisfied with the SYM quality, originality, and ease of use.
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Q: If my music is reviewed, what are the chances that it will be picked up by the A&R person who reviewed it?

A: That all depends on what you have and what they happen to be looking for. Most of the legitimate industry professionals do not accept unsolicited material. They would rather browse through our categorized material which makes it easy to find what they are looking for. Remember, they go to our website to review the material for thousands of different projects because of SYM's reputation and connections!
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Q: What is the image policy?

A: SYM's image policy applies to both "default images" and all other images within any showcase. While SYM does want artists to have the ability to freely express themselves and their musical styles, we also wish to maintain a professional site suitable for nearly all audiences. Therefore SYM reserves the right to restrict or remove any artist content including images.

An image will be deemed inappropriate (to be a "default image" or to be on the website) for any of the following reasons: It...

  • Features Nudity
  • Focuses on sexual areas of the body
  • Focuses on illegal drugs
  • Is not relevant to the artist
  • Is flagged as inappropriate by other users
  • Contains inappropriate gestures
Showcases that appear on the homepage of are subject to special review by ShowcaseYourMusic staff. SYM may choose to change any artist's default image.
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Q: How do I contact

A: You may contact SYM by sending an email to The bottom of every page also contains a link to SYM's email address. When sending an email please include your first name and artist/group name.
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Q: Why doesn't my showcase show up in the listings?

A: A showcase must meet at least one of the following criteria to showup in the listings:

  • Has at least one song
  • Has at least one video
  • Has a picture and a biography
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Q: My music plays at the wrong speed (Why do I sound like a chipmunk?)

A: No, Alvin Simon and Theodore didn't sample your music, your mp3 is just encoded with an odd sampling rate. The standard rate for mp3s is 44100 HZ, mp3s that are encoded at any other rate run the risk of being misread by the Flash-based SYM player. To re-encode the mp3s try using the software you originally created the mp3s with.
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Q: Do all votes count toward the showcase rating?

A: No, not all votes count toward the rating. Each user is allowed to vote one time for each showcase. Any subsquent votes from that user will only change the original vote, not add a new vote. Also, each computer is only allowed to vote only once per showcase. This means that multiple accounts from the same computer will not be able to vote on the same showcase.

Note: Occasionally this check performed by the system will view a small home or office network as a single computer.
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Q: How do I showcase my music?

A: Showcase your music by clicking on where it says "post your showcase today for FREE" near the top of the page (or click here). Answer the few questions, and then begin uploading your media. Keep reading below to learn more about how to upload music, videos, and pictures.
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Q: What can I upload on my showcase?

A: You are able to upload music files(*.mp3), photos(*.jpg), videos(*.avi,*.mpg,*.flv,etc.), and a biography.
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Q: What format does the music I upload have to be in?

A: The music must be in MP3 format.
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Q: What if my music is on a CD, instead of in MP3 format

A: You will want to use a program with "CD ripping" capability. Many common programs such as Windows Media Player 11, Musicmatch, and Winamp have the ability to "Rip" MP3s from a CD. Refer to the program's help menu for more information on how to rip MP3s.
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Q: How do I upload songs, videos, and pictures to my showcase?

A: Users must be logged in to upload anything to their showcase. You may log-in by clicking on the "My Account" link at the top of any page. Once you are logged in, press the "plus"    in the media box that corresponds with the type of media you wish to upload. For example, to upload a song, you should click the green plus sign in the box titled "Music". Then press the "Browse" button, to find the desired file. Press "Upload". The file will continue uploading until you are asked for a name or description of the file, so do not leave the upload page.
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Q:Is there a limit to how many songs, videos, or images I may add to my showcase?

A: No, there is currently no limit to how many songs, videos, and images you may add to your showcase on
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Q: What parts of my showcase can I edit?

A: You may edit the songs, pictures, videos, biography, comments (delete only), email address, location, group name, password, genres, and contact preferences. In order to allow for easy browsing by music industry representatives, ShowcaseYourMusic does not allow artists to change the backgrounds or rearrange the layouts of their showcases.
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Q: How do I edit my biography?

A: To edit your biography you must first log in by clicking on "My Account", which is located near the top of every page. After logging in, click on "Edit" in either the "Personal Information" or the "Artist/Group Information" box. The new page will include a box labeled "Biography" near the bottom. This is where you may edit your biography.
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Q: How do I add links and formatting to my biography?

A: You may add links to other sites and some other general formatting using the bracketted tags below.

Creating a link: [link=""] My other site [/link]

Adding bold text: [b] I want this text bold [/b]

Adding italic text: [i] I want this text italic [/i]

Adding underlined text: [u] I want this text underlined [/u]

Adding color to text: [color="red"] This text would be red [/color]
Or use the html color code: [color="#FF0000"] This text would also be red [/color]

You may also use the [p][/p], [code][/code], [hr] and [indent][/indent] tags.
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Q: How many genres may I select, and how do I change them?

A: You may select up to 3 generes. This selection is first made when originally creating your showcase. If you ever wish to change your genre selections, you must first log in by clicking on "My Account", which is located near the top of every page. After logging in, click on "Edit" in either the "Personal Information" or the "Artists/Group Information" box. The new page will include another box labeled "Artists/Group information." Use the three drop-down menus to select your genres.
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Q: How do I delete a comment in my showcase?

A: To delete a comment posted to your showcase you must first log in by clicking on "My Account", which is located near the top of every page. After logging in, click on "My Showcase" on the left. There will be an "X" located to the right of each poster's name. Click on the "X" above the comment you wish to delete. Then click "OK" on the warning box that pops up.

You cannot delete comments you have posted on other artists' showcases, so you might want to keep in mind the old saying, "If you don't have anything good to say, don't say anything at all."
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Q: How do I rearrange my songs or videos?

A: If you are only worried about making sure a certain song or video is your default song or video, you may make it so by clicking the "default" checkbox inside of the song or video info. Do this when originally adding the media or afterwards by clicking the pencil to the right of the media's title.

Songs and videos are arranged in alpha-numeric order. The easiest way to arrange all of your media is to add a number or letter in front of the name of the song or video. Put a "1." or "A" in front of the first song or video, then a "2." or "B" in front of the one you want to be next. Artists with more than 10 items should be sure to start with "01, 02..." instead of "1, 2..." If you use this method, be certain you have not marked any of the songs or videos as default.
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Q: How do I get on the "Most Popular Showcases" list?

A: The "Most Popular Showcases" list is made to display the artists that are currently getting the most attention. Each time a new person looks at a showcase it is counted as one unique visit. The "Most Popular Showcases" list is ordered by the number of unique visits for each showcase within the last 24 hours. Most of the artists you see on the first page of "Most Popular Showcases" earned their way there by doing the following:

  • Using your personalized URL, add links that point directly to your showcase on forums, other websites, and myspace (if applicable).
  • Update your showcase often with new pictures, music, and videos.
Note: If an already-featured artist makes it to the current "Most Popular Showcases" page, that artist will not show up on the "Featured Artist" list at the same time.
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Q: How do I get on the "Featured Artist" list?

A: The Featured Artist list is designed to give some of SYM's select artists extra exposure. ShowcaseYourMusic's staff chooses artists for the list by using the following criteria:

  • Does the showcase contain at least one image?
  • Does the showcase contain a biography?
  • Does the showcase have quality music that shows potential to be picked up by the music industry?
  • Does the showcase avoid questionable lyrics, photos, and text?
  • Does the showcase avoid focusing on the promotion of a commercial enterprise?
  • Is the showcase of a musical genre that SYM is specifically promoting at the current time?
To submit a request for your showcase to be featured, please send us an email. Be sure to include your artist/group name. Artists that are accepted will be sent notification. (
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Q: How do I get on the "Highest Rated" list?

A: The Highest rated list is designed to display the artists that are consistently rated the best. To make it to the list, a showcase must have at least 15 votes from unique SYM users. The list is then sorted from the highest rated down. If there is an exact tie between two showcases, the showcase with the most votes is ranked first.
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Q: I got an email saying that I have a new comment or message, but nothing is there.

A: SYM does not want to its artists to waste their time with spam, so sometimes SYM deletes comments or messages if they are only solicitations for a website or business.
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Q: How do I delete old personal messages in my mailbox?

A: Once logged into your account, click on mailbox. Check the boxes next to the messages you wish to delete, then press the "Submit" button.
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