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Phil Taylor - Songwriter

Keighley [Country, Easy Listening, Pop]

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Phil Taylor
  1. A Love That Used To Be
  2. Feeling Lonely
  3. True Love\'s So Hard To Find
  4. We Know We\'re In Love
  5. You Really Do Something To Me
I am a songwriter and live near Skipton, North Yorkshire, England. I have written a number of songs but here is a selection of country style songs I have written. The records are all basic demos. Fortunately for anyone who listens to the songs I am not the singer. Hoping that one day I might get one of my songs published and hear it played on the radio. Have a listen and hope you like them.

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Smiiffy says:
{ 11-05-2012 11:23 }
not usually my type of music but i did enjoy what i was listening to! keep it up and you\'ll get some where! come and check me out and let me know what you think of my music please?
Monofly says:
{ 09-29-2012 21:14 }
I respect all singer/songwriters. Have a 5 man and keep up the good work
DANNY says:
{ 09-29-2012 15:54 }
Because of you and Hey Mr Politician i like..great songs here keep up the great work.