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Mr.Mann the Flowridian

Orlando, FL [HipHop, Rap]

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  1. break a sweat
  2. Caught up
  3. Intro
  4. Swaguh
Mr. Mann the Flow-Ridian Definition: ..Flow..- An artist or musician who can combine and sequence lyrics and words to create songs and hooks known as ..Flow... Definition: ..Floridian..- Any person being a resident of Florida. Meaning: ..I..m from Jacksonville, Florida the sunshine-State, my Flow-Hot like the summertime, on Christmas break... I took the title of Floridian and combined it with my Flow-Tight skills as an artist to create my name: Mr. Mann the Flow-Ridian. Since from when I can remember, I have always been musically inclined. I began my mission towards a music career at the age of 16. I began writing music at the age of 17 when my childhood friend, Jonathan A.K.A. ..Jon-P.. introduced me to an artist by the name of Marcus ..Pretty Boy Foy.., A.K.A. ..Pretty-B... We shared the same passion for music; therefore we had an instant bond. Immediately we began writing and rehearsing songs together. Eventually, we began performing and promoting at local clubs from Jacksonville to Miami. We worked together consistently for two years. Since then, we parted only as a music group to pursue our solo careers. We now live in different cities working towards the same goal. I resided in Orlando, Florida and I am attending school as a Music Audio and Film production Engineer. I have experienced working with many music genres ranging from Hip-Hop to Rock. Utilizing my past experience and current knowledge of the music industry, I am currently working on a new music project. I put everything that I have into everything that I do, so with this, I am the definition of the ..Truth... My motto in life is ..Commission.., ..You get out what you put in.., and I use this as motivation. Sincerely, Mr. Mann the ..Flow-Ridian"

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Syko says:
{ 08-30-2007 18:07 }
jus showin luv
T.I.R. Promotions Presents...
{ 08-28-2007 11:02 }
keep doin yo thang & if u feelin me, maybe we can collab on each others next projects! holla!
{ 08-27-2007 20:29 }
i'm feelin dat keep it coming holla at da R.G. RATE IF YOU WANNA
3 Entertainment Inc.
{ 08-27-2007 13:04 }
yo got a killa swag dawg. love da styles. beats are bangin too. holla at ya boi lemme know what ya think. be real wit yo rates. Take it ease...HWP
{ 08-27-2007 09:35 }
that is hot bro keep them boppers to boppin
Young Jims
{ 08-27-2007 03:11 }
I honestly have to say dat u are good at wat you do u on ya way to being bigger dan u cud dream I rate u a 5 send 1 bak my way support is the key to success
T.O.P says:
{ 08-26-2007 23:04 }
that intro out cold I like that sample
{ 08-26-2007 21:25 }
ok im lookin foward to hearin this in the clubs soon homie i got 5 for you! just keep it real and return the love come check me out
TLane says:
{ 08-26-2007 21:10 }
Yea real good quality stuff homie...get @ me
A.Wall says:
{ 08-26-2007 19:45 }
Wow! You def. need to keep doing what your doing, sounds GREAT!!! Get at me, show some love back!
No says:
{ 08-26-2007 19:38 }
sounds hot.... great quality... kids will dig it... cheers 55555555sss all to you