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São paulo [Pop-Rock, Hard Rock, World]

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Trevor James
{ 08-05-2012 08:26 }
Excellent guitar work and showcase - wishing you all the success for the future - 5 star rating from me.
Jimmy Cempron
{ 03-08-2008 15:05 }
Hi Flav!Yeah you're right!Great new stuff!It reminds me a bit the sound of Scott Henderson!Wishing you success to your journey!PEACE TO ALL MANKIND AND LETS STOP THE FIGHTING AROUND THE WORLD!...jim
JSK says:
{ 03-05-2008 21:12 }
You have some real talent! Great sound and drive! A Jazz-Rock fusion sound. Worthy of a five!
Doctor D_tox411
{ 07-18-2007 08:46 }
You're a great talent, I keep it in mind, from time to time we need guitars on our tracks and you are indeed the perfect match, you got a high 5 from me, peace and blessings D_tox411
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Johnny says:
{ 07-15-2007 07:30 }
Best guitar work since Jeff Beck! It's good to hear that type of music again. You really are very good! Honestly a five! I wish I could get down there to see you.
Jess Miller
{ 07-13-2007 08:11 }
beautiful stuff, i love your sound! so pretty and joyous! thanks 4 your comments also, jxx
{ 07-07-2007 12:08 }
Shimmer says:
{ 07-06-2007 07:24 }
Hey there.. Luv ur'e music, you are very talented.. Keep it up!! From: The Shimmer girls xxx
STEVEN J (ChicaGo)
{ 07-05-2007 14:48 }
impressed, liked the second song especially, def. going in the right direction, keep it up, u got my vote
Mr. My City
{ 07-05-2007 14:40 }
Welcome to SYM! Very nice sound! I wish you nothing but success in your journey to stardom! I give u a 5, keep getting them! Please rate my showcase
Jimmy Cempron
{ 07-05-2007 14:08 }
Hi Flavio!WEIRD STUFF MAN!!!BTW,welcome here in SYM.You get ur first 5 from me and keep on gettin them...ROCK STEADY!!!!