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Jimmy Craig

fort worth, TX [Country, Country Rock, Christian]

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Jimmy Craig
Jimmy Craig is an aspiring songwriter from Texas currently working on original songs demo catalog with genres in Country/Country Pop/Rockabilly available for artists, publishers, and other interested parties.

My grandaddy \\\\\\\"Truman\\\\\\\" bless his sole...played a mean fiddle man...and as a small child, I remember falling to sleep with such comfort and peace listening to grandaddy sing and play...everyone has a dream..and somehow I always knew from the time i picked up my first guitar....just playing around ad-libbing goofy songs with my friends while partying most of the time...but always had a feel for it...and putting a lyric to a here I am...aspiring one day to fulfill \\\\\\\"my dream\\\\\\\" ...first and foremost with the goal that my songs will be inspiring to someone and they in turn will chase down their dreams and fulfill them. God Bless! JC
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{ 12-03-2010 10:15 }
great songs and nice vocals. 55 Good Luck, Lynn
Bruce Riley
{ 11-13-2010 22:47 }
I do play country too man. Nice track man. 555's Holla back.
cassandra wallace
{ 08-05-2010 06:13 }
You have a wonderful gift - exceptional style plus vocals wonderful songs would like to vote for you a 5555 - God Bless! Wishing you always the best! Cassandra