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[Electronica, World, Industrial]

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Geomatic - Blue Beam
  1. Out Of The Dusk
  2. Redemption
  3. Serpent's Tooth
‘GEOMATIC’ was formulated in Amsterdam, Holland in 1996.
However, the musical association of these two innovators all started much earlier, in 1983 to be exact, when they both discovered the extent of the possibilities at their fingertips with respect to just what it was possible for man to do with two tape recorders and a microphone.

Geomatic doesn't just deal with one particular style of music but instead embraces a wide range of musical styles-from electronic world beat to dark ambient and cinematic soundscapes.


1999 - The cut ""Entered Apprentice"" appeared on "Ambient Landscapes Vol.2"(DarkDuckRecords)

2001 - First debut album "Control Agents" on Triumvirate label.

2002 - Produced a soundtrack for German documentary film.

2007 - Soundtracks for two episodes of "Wave Chasers"
Warren Miller Entertainment.

2008 - Second album "Blue Beam" on M-Tronic label.

2010 - "64 Light Years Away" album on Tympanik Audio label, USA
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MF Foster
MF Foster says:
{ 11-29-2007 14:18 }
What interesting material you are recording! There is a dark, otherworldly quality to this music-moving and changing melody with driving primative drums behind it all-I vote -5- very creative-MF
{ 06-22-2007 04:17 }
WOW WOW WOW I really like the tune and the instruments crispy warm dynamic keep it up will give 5... Cheers from beirut