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Gerry Godin

Coleman, MI [Psychedelic Rock]

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2008 myself
I am originally from Flint,Michigan. My first Band was in 1967, it was called "The Psychedelic 6" the number would change as members changed.The original members were (Billy Sadler-Bobby Sadler-Leo Wellence-Denny Bennet-Jerry Reed & myself). Next up was "The Psychotic Reactions" named after the song which was our theme song. Other songs that we played back then were: Gloria-The Last Kiss -Walk Don't Run-Pipeline and I'm Not Your Stepping Stone. I then went through my "Folk Rock" period with Jim Berger, Sharon Loafman and Kevin Miller.We had a lot of fun. Did not have another "named" group until 1975 named "Pursuit", my favorite group. Next up "Azure Blue" with "Kim French". From 1990 till now I play alone. I play keyboard, bass, lead, rhythm, percussion (electronic) & vocals. I also do the writing. The two songs "Tumb'lin Down" & "Aftermath" were written as a tribute for 911. Heres the url to my home page..
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{ 02-23-2013 11:10 }
Proud to be the first to love your showcase
3rd REALM says:
{ 10-28-2008 01:49 }
Cool pics. Interesting bio.Great Sound. Particularly like the electric guitar work on "1960's Dream", "Brick Wall 2", and "The End". High five for vote #3.
Plasma Atmosphere
{ 10-26-2008 20:27 }
Nice! I like Buick City Blues. Its great along with the rest of your tracks. 5. Keep on keepin on.
Bunker Records
{ 10-26-2008 18:25 }
Love the sound! great music! 5's all day RESPECT!