Gina G.

east stroudsburg, PA [Country, Country Rock]

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My name is Gina. I am a 24 year old country music singer/lover =). Born and raised in Brooklyn NY, I moved to the small town of East Stroudsburg PA when I was 14. I say I have had the best of both worlds. My parents introduced me to music at a very young age and it has been the center of my life ever since. I was brought up on country and oldies music. I have not had any singing lessons in my life, but thinking of taking them just to learn breathing techniques and such. I have never sang professionally but have sang with some of my friends bands and love it to death!! Oh and of course we cant forget Karaoke =). Some of my influences are Martina McBride, Faith Hill, Reba McEntire, Patsy Cline, Brenda Lee, Tammy Wynette, Trisha Yearwood, Leann Rimes, Carrie Underwood, and thats just to name of few. Well, hope you like what you hear and hope you hear from you =). For now, I just have covers but am trying to work on some orginals for you =)Take care and God Bless... Gina G.

P.S. you can also check me out on and
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Darrell Glen Carlisle
{ 08-16-2015 09:41 }
Absolutely beautiful!
Luis Magallanes & Golden Tracks
{ 04-06-2015 15:45 }
I love your voice Gina. I am LuisSR & Golden Tracks. I wish you could sing my songs in Spanish
Sean Achilleos / Singer Songwriter Painter & Poet
Wow powerful voice!!! Beautiful 5 *****
GMPC ENT. (M.I.C. Money In Charge)
{ 05-27-2014 06:54 }
i love your music i want to promote you on fb jeez honey you sound good god bless your soul
BooYond says:
{ 03-31-2013 21:18 }
your sound is very clear and your good
Rolling Rooster UK
{ 11-08-2012 20:51 }
Hi Gina how are things ? Good I hope, I,m sure Your VOCALS alone will keep you ! Much Love Rooster Q ps. not a bad band either ! pps, Ilove Mustangs they keep going on & on I know you will.
Rolling Rooster UK
{ 11-08-2012 20:51 }
Hi Gina how are things ? Good I hope, I,m sure Your VOCALS alone will keep you ! Much Love Rooster Q ps. not a bad band either ! pps, Ilove Mustangs they keep going on & on I know you will.
{ 09-09-2012 21:16 }
I like the music
Shawnee Grove
{ 09-09-2012 21:12 }
You are a natural. Great voice!
Kicking Saturday
{ 06-03-2012 22:19 }
try to make your own song i bet you will be a big star no joke about it.
Kicking Saturday
{ 06-03-2012 22:18 }
playing it again love it all day all night.
Kicking Saturday
{ 06-03-2012 22:17 }
i am a big fan and it takes allot for me to be one. you told me so.heheheha perfect 5 five more like go to to studio asp. show a eng. your voice.
Kicking Saturday
{ 06-03-2012 22:12 }
in short i don't have just words I Love you tell ya man he is a lucky guy to have a voice like yours man i love ya. just watch out on the so on high then it would be perfect.
Helder Rock
{ 04-01-2012 05:33 }
Awsome! Brilliant! Lovely! Superb! 5 STARS!!!
7 SourMash
{ 11-12-2011 12:16 }
Very Cool!
Trevor James
{ 11-05-2011 22:22 }
excellent vocals and a 5 from me
Dj Kaball Producer And Remixer
{ 10-14-2011 21:48 }
Wow! Great voice talent. You were made to sing country. It comes soooo naturally to you. Keep it up! 5 From me!
{ 09-05-2011 08:37 }
j spittah comin through to show some love, 5 from me! come through and check out the sounds!
{ 05-17-2011 09:57 }
Brilliant vocals. A worthy hi 5 and the very best of luck to you. Lynn
Daemon Blak
{ 05-11-2011 22:23 }
Hey Gina, come check out my new song- "SPARK OF THE FLAME", and hear tunes I recorded with a drummer who didn't make the cut in my band. You can tell the difference between my drum machine and this dude is PRECISION. LOL!
{ 03-10-2011 17:38 }
Cool showcase, very 5 worthy
TSClark says:
{ 02-14-2011 06:59 }
Fitting voice for fitting music. Enjoyed hearing you. I know where you're at. Played the Pocono's myself. Kudos and keep it up....TSClark.
Michael Gee
{ 09-18-2010 10:27 }
nice - there goes my baby is cool hun
Keith Wallace
{ 08-19-2010 15:14 }
You have a very pretty voice...keep should try to find a band that needs a great female singer and give them a break and sing with them..... 6 out of 5...don't give up trying you have a lot of potential
JohnnyBhe says:
{ 07-10-2010 06:40 }
It's been a while since my last entry---hope your still doing your thing & thats great entertainment-------JohnnyBhe
Jotek Marcin J\\\
{ 05-27-2010 11:25 }
NICE MUSIC...Its not my cup of my tea but I am still a big fan!!!:)
Flock of Nerds
{ 05-02-2010 06:18 }
Check out our latest and grestest song: "Here For You"
Solo D Joseph Daniel
{ 04-09-2010 20:06 }
Henny Johnson
{ 04-09-2010 18:28 }
I rated you a 5 check me out sometime and good luck with yor music
Traite Walker
{ 02-13-2010 14:08 }
Awesome voice you have there and they fit the songs so well. Wishing you every success. 5 from me. Take care
Solo D Joseph Daniel
{ 02-03-2010 14:29 }
I really like the remake you made of the song, I told You So. It's very good to say the least, you have a high five from me.
Rolling Rooster UK
{ 01-09-2010 19:17 }
Hi, Gina I would like to wish you a very happy Year !!! Regards ! Rooster Q
VoxLirica says:
{ 11-17-2009 13:33 }
When I listened to your songs & realized how good indeed you are my dear, I couldnt help sharing your page with my hubby who is a HUGE country music fan! You've got real talent gal!! Keep it up! Hugs,Charmaine & Manny xoxoxo
3days says:
{ 11-02-2009 20:19 }
Loving what you do 5 all day .... Thanks for the awesome comment keep doing all that you do 3days
Neil Osborne
{ 10-15-2009 17:44 }
I'm back again Gina, great music, I hope yur career is goin strong for you, great work, Neil
Susieque says:
{ 10-12-2009 09:00 }
Wow!! You have to make it soon! Great voice. Dont give up your have got talent!
Moyralyn says:
{ 10-11-2009 10:45 }
OMG! You totally blew me away! GREAT PIPES!! Gave you 5! Thanx, I'm off to find my sox now...
Maurice DAoust
{ 10-01-2009 16:33 }
What can I say! You are SYM's country queen! Wow! I'll say it again . . . where the hell are these "A&R boys!" Keep doing what you're doing and never stop! Big five from me.
Gus and his freaky friends
{ 07-17-2009 19:32 }
like your country/rock songs. Its suits you :) Wish you god luck in th furture .5 from us
Whiskey Daniels Band
{ 07-14-2009 07:41 }
WOW!!!Great Voice!!!...Tommy Dale
Luigi Cappel
{ 06-27-2009 23:07 }
hey Gina, its a cold winters day in New Zealand and I'm really enjoying listening to you sing:)
GOODBOY/ Mndbp.ListenHear
{ 06-26-2009 00:16 }
wat up fam just coming through to check u out and when u get a chance come check me out "HEAVY METAL" and "GONE WIT UR LIFE" and "WHAT THEY WANT" and leave a comment on wat u think
JT4 says:
{ 06-21-2009 00:49 }
Great songs...I give two thumbs up and a 5! ;)
NuNu Do
NuNu Do says:
{ 06-03-2009 12:39 }
You have a beautiful voice!! Keep strivin' for what you love. 5 from me !! ~~NuNu~~
Brendan "B-Nobez" Noble
{ 05-30-2009 13:16 }
If your on Talent Trove, vote for my song The Garden of Thorns for best Piano Performance! Voting Ends june 5th 2009
Rolling Rooster UK
{ 05-22-2009 17:57 }
Hi Gina, Just called to say Hello & How are things with you ? Regards ! Rooster !
{ 05-17-2009 22:22 }
I TOTALLY GAVE YOU 55555's MAMA ' !!!!!! s.c.
mental Invasion
{ 05-09-2009 20:45 }
5 hot vocals great music i love it
Alligator Cowboys
{ 05-09-2009 09:28 }
excellent, ever get to florida, come play with us rev p nicholas murphy
Rex P Clem
{ 05-05-2009 09:04 }
Good stuff up here. Great vocals. Best of luck to you. You got my vote
Mark Hewer
{ 05-05-2009 07:17 }
Hi Gina, Great music and excellent vocals! Your voice reminds me of Carrie Underwood which is a very good thing. I'm really enjoying the video. Keep up the fantastic work! Cheers:))) Mark
Jeffrey David
{ 05-04-2009 17:49 }
Hey, singer/guitarist from gr8rok here... good stuff. Nice vocals & entertaining... looking forward to YOUR OWN stuff.... keep up the gr8work ;-) Also, check out my main band here... THANX, JD
Barry Morgan
{ 05-03-2009 15:23 }
Great country voice...heck, great voice period. Enjoyed all of your music. Best of luck. MC and Bear
JohnnyBhe says:
{ 05-02-2009 16:07 }
Hello-- you have a captivated voice and a beautiful stage presents----some day when I'm in the area I could catch your show----JohnnyBhe
Geezy Da Phantom
{ 04-27-2009 18:00 }
GOODBOY/ Mndbp.ListenHear
{ 04-26-2009 22:30 }
hey wat u think bout a hip hop slash country song
GOODBOY/ Mndbp.ListenHear
{ 04-26-2009 22:30 }
wat up fam just coming through to check u out keep doing ya thang and when u get chance come check me
Hot Snow Storm
{ 04-26-2009 15:35 }
Nice....really powerfull voice and LOVE the feeling of it all!...Keep up the good work..and than you for your votes:)
Michael Bacon Country Songwriter BMI
{ 04-26-2009 00:20 }
{ 04-25-2009 11:24 }
hot gave u a shine.five allthe way...checkmeout and give me a five if u feel..bless
Robyn says:
{ 04-24-2009 01:03 }
Hi Gina, I enjoyed your showcaes to the fullest. I love your voice and your style. Keep up the GREAT work. Hope to see you recording in the near future.
daveski says:
{ 04-23-2009 23:02 }
Can't wait to hear some of your own songs. I have a few songs that could be countrified and lots of ideas if you're interested. Good Luck. daveski.
Gr8rok  (Great Rock)
{ 04-23-2009 21:04 }
Thanks for the kind words. You definately have a gift. You have great pitch. Very nice tones, rough yet sultry. You're very good looking too. You should try some recording in the future. THAT'S fun!! Be well. Peace! Paul
Ron Simons
{ 04-23-2009 06:43 }
Hi Gina ! Love your voice ! Not bad on the eyes either ! Nothing but a five for you ! Thanks for stopping by !!! Ron
retired says:
{ 04-22-2009 18:58 }
Ditmares says:
{ 04-17-2009 21:06 }
I Like the Sounds!! Only 1 thing, Where is your material. Thats where your light can shine bright. "Don't stop believing" I would be blessed for your comment on my material. Blessings.
Ruud van Zwieteren
{ 04-16-2009 16:31 } are genious! Everything is tempting in your appearance, but your voice is great Gina! I'm very curious about your own songs! Love, Ruud van Zwieteren, the Netherlands
DJ Re-Fill & DJ Imperror
{ 04-16-2009 10:51 }
Hai girl. thanks fore the foto here is one back a big 5 fore you. splendid whork end good lock whith evrything
JohnnyBhe says:
{ 04-16-2009 05:13 }
wow you sound great honey---wished you lived closer--would love to jam with you---breathing lessons? You got to be kidding me---great vocals--nice job mom & dad--JohnnyBhe
{ 04-07-2009 09:45 }
{ 04-07-2009 09:44 }
Love that voice and videos you r a professional and it show keep doing the amazing job here some 55555555 yo new fans at management4drel GOD BLESS
{ 04-07-2009 09:44 }
Love that voice and videos you r a professional and it show keep doing the amazing job here some 55555555 yo new fans at management4drel GOD BLESS
lokesh bellam
{ 04-05-2009 23:40 }
UU have got an AHmazing voice!
{ 04-05-2009 23:02 }
WOW!!! Damn you've got some pipes and you look like you're enjoying it - Keep going somebody needs to hear your voice! Thanks for checking us out. Peace - 4 II C
sasas says:
{ 04-04-2009 15:28 }
Great Voice, thanks for the vote and I hit you back with a 5 of your own!!!
DJ Jabbawokee
{ 04-03-2009 23:52 }
MY VOTE # 160 55555...GREAT TALENT For Sure, I see also your in the top 25 now because of my vote!!!!! ,AWESOME,,PLS COME AND VOTE MY SHOWCASE a FLY FIVE !!!!thanks
Rolling Rooster UK
{ 04-03-2009 19:34 }
Hi Gina, thanks for your comments, you have a great voice, keep in touch. Regards ! Rooster !
Mr. Singer Fan and Critic
{ 04-03-2009 16:08 }
Excellent and gutsy. I'd like to include you on my website highlighting excellent singer/songwriters. I'll refer viewers to you site. a high 5.
white trash sound system
{ 04-03-2009 06:22 }
Hi Gina!! Thanks for your comment...You have a truly amazing voice.Great sound! I only wish we had singers like you here in the UK so we could collaborate on some original tunes!! Big 5 right back at you!! x
commercial free
{ 04-03-2009 04:20 }
sounds good gave u a 5
Forrest L. Holley
{ 04-02-2009 22:17 }
You have what it takes - great vocals Have a blessed day
BIGDOG says:
{ 04-02-2009 18:17 }
Great Voice, WoW! powerful voice. Gina, you are a star in the making, if not one already. I love country music! A 5 from me....
Dirty Blue
{ 04-01-2009 17:04 }
thanks for rating our music. you've got a good voice but do you always copy and paste the same comment to all bands? You cant pull the wool over dirty blue's eyes darling
Brendon John Sturgeon
{ 04-01-2009 13:22 }
By the way, I see you love country, which is great, but have you ever tried rock, cause you have a crossover range. Janis Joplin, Heart , Aylana Myles are some of vocalist I can see you covering.
Brendon John Sturgeon
{ 04-01-2009 13:17 }
Thank you for the compliments. Wow you have some kinda of voice there! All the best Brendon
{ 04-01-2009 04:19 }
Thank you for your comment and vote can see music is your passion keep up the good work girl voted you 5 God bless
Mr. R-E-N-O
{ 04-01-2009 02:35 }
You have a great voice!!! I see a collaboration...Take a 5 from Reno;o)
Mojo Mudcatz
{ 03-31-2009 19:11 }
From MOJO MUDCATZ Thanks I checked out your stuff. You have a really good voice, Nothing wrong with the covers you do.. good luck and thanks again..Check out my YouTube account glmojopalmer .. you can put yourself on also
Alexander Murray
{ 03-31-2009 19:02 }
Hey Gina, Thanks for the kind words and the 5 (although my score and number of voters hasn't changed yet - maybe it takes a while) :) I'll have a listen in and get back to you. Best, Alex.
{ 03-31-2009 14:22 }
Just stopping by for support,,BigAJB/DN'BS RECORDS of Long Beach, CA.
Hot Snow Storm
{ 03-31-2009 10:08 }
I like your voice. I think that every girl should have this kind of voice.
Flock of Nerds
{ 03-29-2009 23:41 }
not only r u a beautiful person, ur music is touchin and very refreshin! weren't u the winner of american idol? hehe =) u got the voice, thats for sure!!! cya around
Sarge Lintecum
{ 03-29-2009 15:36 }
Thanks for checking out my music, Gina. Your singing is awesome! ~ Sarge ~
Rex Havoc / the Ruins
{ 03-29-2009 15:00 }
Thank you for those kind words...I appreciate it...
PHE*NOM says:
{ 03-29-2009 10:36 }
Paul Wilson / Joanne T.- Songwriters
{ 03-28-2009 23:22 }
Hi, Thanks for stopping by and giving us a nice rating. Your covers are great,give you a five on vocals and stage presence. You need to get some original material. Maybe we can work something out.
Dean K
Dean K says:
{ 03-28-2009 12:35 }
Oh yeah...forgot to vote...5 all the way!
Dean K
Dean K says:
{ 03-28-2009 12:30 }
Oh yeah...forgot to vote...5 all the way!
Dean K
Dean K says:
{ 03-28-2009 12:28 }
Hi Gina, Your voice is pitch perfect,and just plain beatiful! Keep up the good work! My folks were both from Brooklyn and I grew up on Long Island. Now I live in Asheville NC. Thanks for the thums up on my stuff....Good luck!
Nmisol....pronounced In My Soul
{ 03-27-2009 19:12 }
Hi Gina! Thanks for stoppin' by my page and taking listen! Keep doing what you do!! Good sound and great energy!!