Gli Amorosi

Gold Coast [Classical, Pop, Singer]

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Gli Amorosi - Soprano & Tenor
  1. Incomplete
  2. Canto Della Terra
  3. Time To Say Goodbye
  4. You Are My Miracle
Australasia's most exciting popera duet Gli Amorosi have created a unique and entrancing sound in the world of contemporary vocal entertainment. Their fusion of soaring soprano with smooth lyric tenor, breathes new life into the world's favourite romantic ballads, classic pop, and songs from the great movies, Broadway and West End.

Formed in 2006, Gli Amorosi have wowed audiences in Australia and are attracting much interest from Europe, Dubai and America.

Gli Amorosi are currently based on Australia's vibrant Gold Coast. They are in demand at many of the top resort venues including Chevron Renaissance, Marina Mirage, Broadbeach and the Sheraton Mirage and Spa. Hailed as Australia's latest corporate sensation, they have recently delighted guests of Ferrari, Australia Post and Pegiva.

Gli Amorosi thrill the emotions and touch the soul of audiences everywhere. Fans worldwide have been inspired by their extraordinary combination of voices to write:

Simply beautiful. I cannot think of anything else. It is like you are breathing music when you sing.

Your harmonies are beyond words, just glorious to listen to.
You make people smile and forget everything but the beauty of your music.

Bravo!! Your voices send chills down my spine.

Your voices are fantastic!

We had the great joy of listening to Gli Amorosi [and] were just blown away.

Gli Amorosi ('The Lovers') are Alys Cordeaux and Jon Marshall. Singing since childhood, they completed their MusB Hons at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, in 2004.
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Winston says:
{ 12-31-2011 17:58 }
nice voices
Natahlie says:
{ 01-26-2011 18:36 }
Enjoyable, crisp operatic voices!:) Fantastic looking together as well.:) Take care and best wishes!:=)
Natahlie says:
{ 01-26-2011 18:30 }
Enjoyable, crisp operatic voices!:) Fantastic looking together as well.:) Take care and best wishes!:=)
rickyhaag says:
{ 12-23-2007 18:37 }
Hello Alys & Johnathan!! This is also a great place for you guys to share you beautiful voices!! I wish you 2 the best in your music and can't wait for more!!! xoxo, Ricky Haag
Leo D
Leo D says:
{ 12-10-2007 13:37 }
Bravo~!! Beautiful music!! Loved it!! Rated you a 5
STEVEN J (ChicaGo)
{ 11-24-2007 18:19 }
comin through to show my R E S P E C T, REAL musik holds no boundariez, got my full out S U P P O R T, 5, h i t bak
Darlene Miller
{ 11-18-2007 10:20 }
You can hear the joy you both have singing together. Much luck and success. Darlene
Jim O
{ 11-13-2007 07:59 }
Two beautiful voices that come together magnificently.When you came to 'Ave Maria' that did it for me.It's a piece I love when it's performed well....and I absolutely loved this.Bravo.I'm giving you a 5. All the best. Jim
Lizzie B
Lizzie B says:
{ 11-12-2007 20:36 }
I am glad I stopped by, nice change. 5 from me, good luck
Jozua K.
Jozua K. says:
{ 11-12-2007 16:37 }
Superb duet sopranos that classicals/fusion! I think you are very popular in Australia? Not easy that close harmony, but perfect! I give you >5. All the way.
nlw1234 says:
{ 11-11-2007 02:44 }
Hi Alys and Johnny! I love your profile here. It is very nice. Thanks so much for telling me about it. Your music is so worthy of a showcase like this. Much continued success to your. Noriya
cronus says:
{ 11-10-2007 01:51 }
BRAVO!!!take 5!!!
Jen says:
{ 11-09-2007 18:21 }
Looks and sound - you have it all! Just great - and so different to anything else on the market. Hope you get a record deal soon - I want to hear more!!! Love - Jen
T.Mac. says:
{ 11-09-2007 04:28 }
Vocals work together perfectly, I wish you all the very best of luck, 5. T.Mac.
Air Echo Music
{ 11-09-2007 00:34 }
Thanks for your support! Keep sending good songs & prayers in your heart & I'll be happy! Keep in touch! Wish you all the Best! Love from Hong Kong (*.*) Peter
Allery says:
{ 11-08-2007 20:47 }
What I did hear deserves a 5*** You have beautiful talent. Come over and visit some country girls. Hope to hear more. Allery
Air Echo Music
{ 11-08-2007 20:25 }
Those Demo show your are the Perfect Master Vocalist! Please send us more to listen those Great Harmony Songs! Now is too short, even send at least one complete song please! Welcome Aboard! Totally Support! Honor to be your first V5A! Bless! (.) Peter