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Young Track aka Treezy

Boynton beach, FL [HipHop, Soul, Rap]

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Young Track aka Treezy
  1. Hot like fire Ft trey songz
  2. Being Me
  3. Do it
  4. Everything
  5. Far away
  6. I Remember ft Anna
  7. Life of a hustler
  8. With you
Young track is know as Big D aka the Hu$tler but the street name Him Treezy.Young track has alot of talent such as playing piano,drum flute,and trumpet not only that he also knows how to produce music .Words to describe young track are passion determination, and a fighter. When young track was little he was influence by music starting inside the church, from then he start rapping at the age of 16. he fall in love with music so he wanted to pursue it more so he became a part of a group name hotstarboyz that's when he drop his first single keep playing with the man ft RH after that he started writing his music and trying to become know as a rapper so he started his myspace which he has a lot fans and also alot of support and also he make his video on youtube which gets alot of views . All young track want is to share his love of music with the world and hope of inspiring someone Life . Treezy has make over 150,000,000 million total plays and myspace worldwide without A record deal,making him one of the best unsigned artist and the world 15,000,000 million total views alone . First myspace got over 50,000,000 million hits 2rd myspace 9,000,000 million hits and 3rd myspace 6,000,000 million hits . Over 11,000,000 million Download .
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GoodFella Tha MizFit
{ 02-17-2014 19:42 }
Nice trackz homie, stay on it....Peep me out if u get tha chance..
MiLady DevaLan
{ 01-16-2013 15:57 }
I like how you ride the beat!
Young Track aka Treezy
{ 11-07-2012 17:33 }
Follow me ya
Swagg says:
{ 10-27-2012 16:13 }
Nice flow.. Check me out!!
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{ 06-15-2012 09:15 }
thats whats up folk grind that out .aint nothing left but the top.
mental Invasion
{ 06-14-2012 08:49 }
FIRE Music my G keep grindin keep it bumpin 5
Lucky Luciano
{ 06-11-2012 09:39 }
good music homie. keep up the good work>