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Izzie G

[R&B, Rock, HipHop]

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Hi my name is Israel. I've been doing my musical thing since I was little. I started playing keyboard when I was six, bass when I was nine, drums when i was 10, guitar when I was eleven, talkboxing at seventeen, and I've allways been singing. I was born around the 20th week of my moms pregnancy, wich means that I was four months early. I was put in the incubator, and the doctor had set the oxygen level in there too high since my lungs weren't fully developed wich made the retina detach, so I'm visually impaired cause of that. But that's never stopped me, I'ma keep going til the day I die! So it all starts with an Olimpus Ds2 Recorder in the year of 2005. It was only able to record for 22 hours when you've calculated all the recording modes added together, I had A Limited amount of memory, and no effects what so ever. I recorded my first demo wich got deleted a few days after i had burned a disk. I was going by G-KID, and at the time I was only 14, but i managed to do it all in one night. The length was about 20 minutes, and it wasn't that good. I started on another demo in Febuary of 2006but this one was kept in digital media until i finished it in september of 2007. The first song was called Watching You, and after i played it for some of my friends they liked it. I deleted that song because one of my friends messed up the lyrics by putting some of his own that didn't even fit at all. I rerecorded it in April. It still remained under the same name. In May 2006, i atempted to try out my rapping skills. It basically consisted of me looping intro's on my xbox by hitting the L trigger in the music player to songs that had some thing to loop, and i still used the same recorder. I deleted the songs eventually over the course of the summer, and part of the fall, and finally getting rid of the last one in winter. In October of that same year, I recorded two songs wich got deleted by me a month after they were created but one of them stayed on my x girl friends braille note until she accedentally deleted it. Good riddence! It wasn't even good! But it was ment for her an its the thought that counts. In May 2007, I recorded Simple Question, and another one followed it a week later called For Some Reason. I had Given up rapping in the fall of 2006, so that was out of the question. In the fall of 2007 i recorded the final two songs in the same night. I Think I Love You, and You're Like A Dream Come True, topped off my demo and I was done. I copied them to disk and gave them around to who ever wanted them. I think I only made about less than ten disks. Not bad for just using an olympus recorder. The remains of that demo are all most nonexistent accept for one song. In 2008 I gained better recording equipment, and Recorded a few more things.
Shadow Of Love went through many name changes including: Love and Heartache; Time, Love, and Heartache; and Sounds Like My Life.
Simple question, the only song that remained with me from the last demo that got lost, was redun in December 2009. The new version was higher quality, featured a guitar solo, and the lyrics were changed a little to better the lyrical side of things. Those of you that have been viewing this page since it was first made know what I'm talking about.
Shadow of Love is still being added to, so as I come out with more, this page will have more.

New things are all most all ways coming out. So be sure to visit this page frequently.
Thanks for stopping by.
Any feed back is appreciated.
I will also be featuring my friend that I calaborate with.

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All the instrumentals belong to their respective owners. the lyrics belong to me, Andrew, and other people mentioned unless its specified that it is a cover. hope you enjoy my work,
Izzie G
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