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James Wivell

[Rock, Singer, Heavy Metal]

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Hey. I'm a guitarist, songwriter and temporary singer looking to join or start a Metal band predominantly. I am however into prog, Metal Dance music, grunge, etc as well.
Currently I am settling for writing a few solo songs and getting some gigs under my belt. The first time I used this site around 2007 I became quite highly ranked and popular in my genres of that time, so hopefully I can touch your hearts once again...
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{ 10-23-2008 16:53 }
Thanks for the compliment!! Believe it or not, I recorded my harmonica on the spot on my song Broken Down Soul...Let me know your thoughts..Keep it up, man! You're sounding great, and the perseverence shows in your music! TRIBE
The Rough and The Velvet
{ 09-30-2008 14:04 }
I also heard a hint of Violent Femmes and David J, I don't know if wanted or not but very much appreciated. You also made a very sweet presentation for your self
The Rough and The Velvet
{ 09-30-2008 14:03 }
The guitar is very good, and the vocals, well they can be improved on the high notes but the melody sounds good on the music
The Rough and The Velvet
{ 09-30-2008 14:02 }
Hello, thank you for listening to my music, I really liked your songs, although I wasn't able to open The Tribe, I would have enjoyed listening to it.
Nance Jayne/Njal
{ 09-28-2008 19:24 }
Your very welcome James, if you any thing just let me know Ok.
Verschlüsseltes Paradoxon
{ 09-28-2008 10:04 }
Thanks for the kind words! Checking your material out now, pretty sweet. Your not a bad vocalist, I can do much worse lol. Keep up the good work, 5* from me.
Nance Jayne/Njal
{ 09-28-2008 04:38 }
James thank you for your wonderful comments I gave you a five vote because, you aret talented, young but many quitarests, don't sing but exell in playing. I am not a good player and only do rythum. I am a singer who once did not sing well.
{ 09-20-2008 15:51 }
thanks for your comments,I did not think my songs appealed to the younger generation, too hip to listen.but you have proved me wrong.all the best my friend thanks again. Regards. Greg
Ron Ouellette
{ 09-18-2008 17:54 }
Keep at it,It;s been said one man with 0ne electric guitar can concur the world so work hard on your music and never quit.I believe you got the talent.5 for ya.
{ 09-15-2008 13:29 }
Now that's what's poppin, ya got my vote 55555's all day, please vote, vote, vote and CHECK ME OUT AT: dilla150boys
{ 09-15-2008 06:33 }
Thanks for your really encouranging words. Music is always fascinating phenomenon. Keep moving ahead man, don´t look back and success will reach you unexpectedly. 5 from Slovakia. A.
Andreea says:
{ 08-27-2008 13:02 }
hey, thanks for your comment. i think you're music is full of life. keep practicing
Air Echo Music
{ 07-24-2008 23:18 }
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The Council
{ 04-05-2008 16:49 }
Great energy and i,ve heard worse vocalists hahaha, all the best ,big fives/chazz
Infidel says:
{ 06-19-2007 13:18 }
you are not crap vocalist...not the best, but still with little practise... I like what I hear...5 anytime... love, Infidel
Capone Project
{ 05-28-2007 00:42 }
Thanks for stopping by.... Keep up the good work!! You are great!! Much love, Dannah G.
Capone Project
{ 05-23-2007 08:43 }
Hey VERY NICE tracks, keep up your great work visit & add me as your friend Much Love, Dannah G.
Masked Magician
{ 05-21-2007 12:05 }
Dont try and impress me you wont be worthy i find that your songs are lame and overated the masked magcian doesnt even consider this music. In latvia you would loose an eyeball over this bucky.
The carpenter
The carpenter says:
{ 05-19-2007 10:46 }
raw, original and innovatve. 5 stars.
noise & picture
{ 05-18-2007 20:01 }
A great great start man. i can remember when i felt complexed to TRY to write.... i quickly found out the best comes out when you dont try at all. complete spontanuity behind the music. close your eyes. open your mind. you'll start too find.
JC Storm
JC Storm says:
{ 05-18-2007 18:49 }
Thanks Kid-O,I like what I here in your music,man just keep giving it your all. Sincerly, JC Storm Alberta,Canada
Jerry Goldfinch & Friends
{ 05-18-2007 18:26 }
Thankyou for your kind comment.. I think you'll only improve with age and keep practising! 5 for effort!!!
{ 05-18-2007 01:56 }
TRockCity says:
{ 05-17-2007 19:25 }
Keep on keepin' on my very young friend..You sound excatly like I did 40 something yrs ago...Only BETTER!!...Folks ask me every day how to play guitar...I tel 'em..."All you gots to WANT TO"...Peace.....T..
{ 05-17-2007 19:12 }
thank you very much,you got a cool thing going..and your guitar looks like mine:)
Jimmy Navel
{ 05-16-2007 23:20 }
Thank you for the kind words. Many blessings to you.
{ 05-16-2007 15:15 }
right back at ya
Pytaro says:
{ 05-16-2007 09:28 }
Hello James, keep it up and don't look back, that's what playing guitar is all about. 5 to encourage you. Come and visit me.
Pytaro says:
{ 05-16-2007 09:27 }
Hello James, keep it up and don't look back, that's what playing guitar is all about. 5 to encourage you. Come and visit me.
Franchi$e Music
{ 05-16-2007 03:59 }
If ya wanna hear some complex sounds and get some ideas of putting together music, then check out Elliot Smith. In his shortlived musical career he composed his own songs using piano, bass, guitar, and drums. He was a virtuoso in my opinion.
Franchi$e Music
{ 05-16-2007 03:58 }
I use an Ovation Celebrity model acoustic/electric guitar with an onboard tuner that helps me keep in tune. Thanks for listening. Good to see that you employ many different instruments in your repertoire. Keep it up.
Dangerous Age
{ 05-14-2007 17:32 }
keep writing those songs and don't stop chasing your dream. even if you don't make it the very top, you can have a lot of fun along the way. And it sure beats working 9 to 5. Good luck Geoff
Jon Cable
Jon Cable says:
{ 05-14-2007 03:25 }
Great playing dude, love your work!! JC
DANNA says:
{ 05-13-2007 14:23 }
Kevin K. Gagnon
{ 05-13-2007 00:11 }
Good Going! Like your dedication to the instrument! I'm a Gilmour fan, too. Keep pluggin' like the rest of us - you may hit paydirt eventually! Gave u 4 for now, but see it getting better!
E.M.W. says:
{ 05-12-2007 21:01 }
Hi mate, thanks for having a listen and commenting, much appreciated. Anyway, yeah keep working on your tracks - The Beautiful Ugly was cool, sounds really good, shame it was so short though. Keep going though, wish you all the best!
Reginald Maddison McCellon
{ 05-12-2007 18:17 }
Thanks for comments. I really like your music as well. Let me know when you put more up as well so I can listen to those as well. Thanks and Keep grind'n friend.
Spite Radio
{ 05-12-2007 17:04 }
nah sorry mate, but were gunna try to get a studio booking and upload them again , go back on the page ive just uploaded a few songs :) safe spite radios
{ 05-09-2007 17:37 }
as you know mate it takes more than just good guitar playing to make it..but your on your way well done good luck..griffo
Philadelphia Best OG
{ 05-09-2007 14:27 }
i wish i could play like got real good stuff..young man...keep up the very good work....
STEVEN J (ChicaGo)
{ 05-09-2007 13:45 }
Like the song, you got your own style, keep it real like that, im gonna give a 5 for originality, Return the opinion and vote, it matterz to us, GOD BLESS