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Deon Taylor

[R&B, Soul, HipHop]

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In the world of music there is a song and there is a melody and Deon Taylor has them both. Deon was born and raised in Los Angeles, California into a family of musical versatility to the proud parents of Ralph Sr. and Susan Taylor. Being the offspring of talented parents, Deon found his nitch to be his God-given talent. Deon\'s mother and sisters sang in the church choir; Ralph Sr. was one of the original members of the group called \"The Whispers\". Ralph Sr. watched his son, Deon, who admired him and tried to imitate him by singing to family and friends and whoever would listen. Ralph Sr. was so proud of Deon. Deon sang in school plays and talent shows and enjoyed the reaction from the crowd. At the age of 14, Deon got his first taste of showbiz when Joyce Fenderella-Irby of the famed group Klymaxx with hits like Meeting in the Lady\'s Room had an eye for talent and saw it in Lil\' Deon, which is th name she gave him,. Deon even auditioned for New Edition, but much to his despair, they gave the spot to Johnny Gill seeing that Johnny was already established as a solo artist. Now it\'s time to let the world know who Deon Taylor is. Once you hear him, you\'ll never forget him.

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Gayla James
{ 12-22-2014 05:54 }
gaylajames new videos on
Natahlie says:
{ 09-02-2014 14:43 }
Beautiful music. You got my vote.
{ 02-26-2013 13:54 }
High 5 here, Fuck wit me Hd video \\\"THE GAME NEEDS ME\\\"
Slo\\\'mo says:
{ 02-07-2013 04:48 }
Me bein an African from Uganda, i must say that your shit is tight, i shall try pushin it here in Uganda coz trust me, they gonna love you here
SXP Music Network
{ 03-21-2012 20:13 }
Loving your music 5 all the way
Leaf James
{ 02-02-2012 22:42 }
Yo-Yo, I like it "D"! Keep doing your Thang!
{ 01-27-2012 23:22 }
Love your sound & music. Much love
Ron Wess MusaQ! ElectroniQ MUSAQ!
{ 11-27-2011 12:34 }
nice and impressive bio,great sounds nice voice ...very smooth rate ya 5 keep makin those Hot TraQs (" get at me New TraQ "2 My Love Kim" Please Enjoy!
OSHY says:
{ 11-19-2011 15:47 }
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{ 11-11-2011 18:55 }
Yo thats some tight music homez, keep it straight 5555555555555555555555555555 P3ad3 out fam..u down for a collabo?
Censear Ah Di Boom
{ 10-25-2011 15:37 }
Official Love The Music Bro It Crazy U Get A 5 From Me High Ranked
{ 10-18-2011 07:53 }
vellyvell says:
{ 10-15-2011 04:15 }
Nice songs Deon....I like the vibe you's no problem with me giving you a five...nice work
JROB says:
{ 09-14-2011 06:49 }
fam nice tracks im feeling you,keep doing you.lets get the ladies up in the early morning. if you would check me out,peace
Noreen Crayton
{ 07-28-2011 10:32 }
awesome showcase, thanks for stopping by and checking mine out as well. God bless you!
{ 05-18-2011 00:24 }
Loving the music, Dee. Very proud of you!! CC
Dennis Flowers
{ 05-17-2011 21:03 }
Surfing the SYM and came across yours. Love your sound my yong brotha. 5x5x5 from me. Holla!
Elizabeth Deal
{ 05-04-2011 14:44 }
Great Music.. Thank you so much for the feedback. I give you a 5.....
Deon Taylor
{ 04-21-2011 13:17 }
hi lynn thank you for your comment i aapreciate that i also like what your doing 5***** from me good luck to you as well deon.
{ 04-21-2011 11:09 }
Great sounds Deon. Hi 5 and good luck to you. Lynn
{ 04-17-2011 20:34 }
your music is on point my man feeling it keep up the awesome work 5 up
TruBlend says:
{ 11-02-2010 22:24 }
Those are nice songs, and nice voice, your talented, just stopping bt you got the 555sss
Deon Taylor
{ 09-23-2010 17:10 }
i apologize to all the people who left me a comment thanks for the love,unfortunately i accidentally,erase all of them but will you please,continue to send me a comment and let me no what you think,about my music thank you Deon?