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Spring City, PA [HipHop, Rap, Soundtrack]

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Poppin Bottles - Island Def jam Music Group
Jaywheelz began making hip-hop music when he was 13. He had nothing but a tape recorder and a dream. Inspired by his mother, Michelle D. Williams, who passed away when he was 12 years of age. Jawheelz started by writing songs to popular instrumentals. He wanted to be a rap star, but from making music in the basement of his grandmother’s house, it seemed like just a dream, far out of his reach. Going into his junior year of high school, he released his first mix-tape, KingJay “The God of Rain.” Some people laughed at his attempt at music – but those that respected Jason Williams kept him going. He sold more than 200 copies to fellow high school students and soon KingJay was considered a new, up and coming artist. With his smooth delivery and unique style the Kingjay buzz started to expand from McKeesport to Pittsburgh. As the years went on, Jason Williams became one of the best athletes in the country and was forced to put music on hold. Jason earned over 100 full athletic scholarships to major Colleges like Pitt, Cincy, UConn, VT, Vandy, Syracuse, Rutgers, and many more. His chance of getting out the "Ghetto" was accepted, and Jason turned to Football. Jason Williams soon became a top NFL prospect for his speed and athleticism. After an unexpected downfall his senior year at UConn, Jason never recovered, and struggled in the NFL, AFL, and turned back to his first love, music. KingJay became known as Jaywheelz, a name he received from ESPN, after having ESPN's top ten plays in College Football. Thanks to Pyramid Recording Studio in Avoca, Jaywheelz collaborated with known Wilkesbarre singer, Tracy, and made his first hit single in 2008, titled “U Gotta Have Dreams.” The song earned Jaywheelz a concert contract with Big Time Entertainment (BTE), and he never looked back. The more JayWheelz wrote, the better he became. JayWheelz got connected through some friends and started recording in the BatCave studio with artists like Meek Mill, Gillie Da Kid, Elliott Ness, Bow Wow and more. Recording and releasing his debut mixtape"Straight Barz 2" on Jason Williams nearly gave up his lifelong dream to be a hip-hop artist, to pursue a professional football career. Now, he will embrace the opportunity to follow his real dream, to make music, and make dreams come true for his family, friends, and true fans of real hip-hop. JayWheelz has a style that reminds you of J.Cole and a delivery that screams Drake, thought process comparable to Lil Wayne, and willing to be inspirational as Common. JayWheelz loves to change lives through music and thats what he plans to do. "Music is life, without music, people might not live".....JayWheelz.
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Sham Mcs
Sham Mcs says:
{ 12-22-2011 17:52 }
"GlobalAttack Mixtapes accepting submissions. Send in music now for more info..." this link
Sham Mcs
Sham Mcs says:
{ 12-21-2011 21:06 }
"GlobalAttack Mixtapes accepting submissions. Send in music now for more info..."
JayWheelz says:
{ 09-17-2011 11:22 }
Follow him on twitter @_JayWheelz
YOM says:
{ 09-15-2011 10:06 }
Peace homey,gave u a 5 & I'm feeling that "Nike check flow". check my showcase when u get a chance.
{ 09-12-2011 14:20 }
Loven the channel! Reall Hawt!!! Check mine out.
DLO says:
{ 09-12-2011 02:55 }
Feelin Ya Flow Cuzzin!! Keep doin Ya thing Fella, and drop through and check a Fella when U get a chance..U might like the track called "DAT GURL"..Holla..Peace..DLO
negus roots
{ 09-11-2011 04:18 }
5's all day feelin ya bro
DABOI K.O says:
{ 09-10-2011 06:14 }
JayWheelz says:
{ 09-09-2011 22:32 }
Thanks Homie
mental Invasion
{ 09-09-2011 21:17 }
Dope music 5 on it Mac G O